10 life-changing resolutions you can stick to

Friday 27 January 2017 by Florence Evans Little changes can make a big difference, so decide on some resolutions you can actually stick to.

As January draws to a close, the chances are you’ve broken most of your New Year’s resolutions already.Instead of giving up until next year, decide on some new commitments that you can actually stick to and will change your life for the better. Think small, personal goals, not huge abstract ideas like losing weight or getting fit. Here are some suggestions:

Do something for yourself once a week

In our busy lives, it can be easy to prioritise work or family before ourselves, but it’s important to take a little time just for you. Run a bath and light a few candles, take a walk in the local park or go for a swim.

Have a no screen hour

Turn everything off, whether it be the TV, your phone or a tablet, and pick up a book, do a craft project. Just give your eyes some time away from electronic screens.

Ring a friend

Don’t text them, Facebook them or snapchat your friend. Pick up the phone and have a good old-fashionedchinwag.

Get away

It doesn’t have to be far, but take yourself off to a serviced apartment in another city for a night or two. Close the door on your household chores and escape.

Have a proper treat

Everyone knows the guilt that is felt after sticking our hand in the biscuit jar, so when you do have a treat, do it properly. Don’t go for a stale digestive. Opt for some 85 per cent cocoa chocolate instead or make your favourite brownies.

Take more naps

Napping is a hugely overlooked pastime, but a great way to reboot your energy supplies for the rest of the day. If you’re feeling tired, stop, lie down and relax for 20 minutes. Even if you don’t go to sleep, your body will appreciate the rest.

Make a weekly rainbow meal

Make the effort to cook a meal from scratch once a week and put as many different colours into it as possible. The pigments in fruit and veg represent different nutrients and eating a rainbow is a great way to get healthier.

Take the stairs instead of the lift

Doing more exercise is on most people’s lists, but can be hard to achieve. Make a small change and opt for the stairs over the lift or escalator every time you’re going up.

Stop saying “I’m fine”

Bring more awareness of how you’re actually doing by refusing to say “I’m fine” in response to the question “How are you?” This takes a bit of practice but will help you to understand your own emotions better and appreciate when things are good.

Start again

Resolutions aren’t just for January and can be restarted whenever you need them. If you find you’ve lost sight of yourself midway through March, make a commitment to give it another go.

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