10 must-pack items for your family holiday

Wednesday 25 July 2018 by Kayleigh Little We've all been there - you're about to leave for your long-awaited holiday and your passport has gone rogue whilst your little ones are running about and your partner is still packing. As hectic as holidaying may be - don't forget to pack these 10 travel necessities!


1. Just-in-case medications

The number one item that can make or break any family trip, no matter what location, is those just-in-case medications. Of course you’ll pack the necessities such as paracetamol and plasters, but don’t forget about the variety of things that could happen whilst you’re away – especially if you’re travelling with little ones. You don’t need to prepare for every illness under the sun, but it is important to remember a small bag with the necessities. No one wants to be on holiday with a tickly cough, bug bites, a climbing fever or all of the above – so be sure to pack medicine such as antihistamines, cream for eczema and bites and antiseptics. Hopefully you won’t need them, but if you do you’ll thanks us later.


2. Emergency snacks

This is a handy one to remember in case your flight is ever delayed or there’s gridlock traffic on the motorway. When little ones (and sometimes even big ones) begin to get hungry, it can make a stressful situation ten times worse – as we all know! A couple of packets of crisps, some fruit and a few juice boxes are always useful supplies to carry with you; not just when travelling to and from your destination but also when you’re out on day trips or even for when you’re simply feeling a bit peckish.


3. Travel wash

Nobody wants to be doing laundry whilst they’re away but it’s almost unavoidable when travelling with children. Family holidays usually result in mess one way or another; whether your five-year-old has just spilled food down herself for the fourth time or your husband has stained his best shirt with coffee. So be sure to pack a handy tube of travel wash – simply add a little into a basin filled with hot water and leave your items to soak or give them a good scrub. Travel wash is relatively cheap to buy and one tube can last a few trips - trust us, this will save you a lot of money on last minute dashes to the dry-cleaners.


Some of our favourites...

Lifeventure Disposable Fabric Wash Leaves 50 Pack

Travel Wash by Dr Beckmann - Pack of 2

Dylon Travel Wash 75 ml


 4. Guide to the local area

If you’re going on a trip somewhere you haven’t been before, it’s always a good idea to have a guide to the local area. In a world where almost everyone has a smartphone, it’s so simple to keep a copy downloaded and easily accessible. Ideal for when you’re exploring the city and your children are starting to tire, you’ll always have the closest stop-offs on hand for grabbing a bite to eat or some family-friendly entertainment. For the technophobes amongst us, local maps and guides are usually always available to print off or from the reception desk of wherever you’re staying.


Some of our favourites...

Jetpac City Guides

mTrip Guides



5. Pack of cards

Cards are a superb way to keep the family entertained as there’s a huge variety of games to play and activities you can use them for. Waiting for your taxi to the airport? A game of snap never fails to distract little ones. Having a family night in? Crazy Eights and Go Fish are great games that involve all the family. Can’t sleep? Send yourself off with a couple of rounds of solitaire – the options are endless!


6. Talcum powder

It sounds slightly strange – but hear us out. Talcum powder is a bathroom staple which has a massive variety of uses and as a result, will really come in handy when travelling as a family. Not only can it be used as dry shampoo for the days you’ve been too busy to even touch your hair, but it also works as a moisturiser to sooth dry skin and treat eczema, perfect for both hot and cold evenings. This magic powder can also be put in shoes to eliminate the odour of smelly feet and sprinkled on beds to cool you down during a hot summer’s night.


7. Headphones

You’ll be thanking us for this one! Perfect for sending children off to sleep in front of their favourite film or for keeping older ones entertained with music when travelling. Take one pair for each child to avoid arguments, then simply sit back and enjoy not having to partake in another game of eye spy – for at least an hour anyway.


8. Magazines and storybooks

Storybooks are another excellent way to keep the kids entertained and they’re especially useful at bed time when little ones refuse to sleep because they’re too excited about being on holiday. Alternatively, for older children and adults alike, magazines are handy to keep rolled up in your bag in case you find yourself needing to kill some time.


9. Tablet pre-loaded with games and films

Download games, music, tv programmes and films onto your tablet or smart devices before you travel, then you won’t get stung with big data bills when you attempt to download anything whilst you’re away. It also means that when you’re travelling and not latched onto the Wi-Fi, everything is still accessible and won’t need time to load up which is amazingly convenient and something you’ll be glad about when the time comes.


10. Colouring books and crayons

Colouring books are another effective way to preoccupy children when you’re waiting around either inside your apartment or whilst out and about. Make it more fun for your child by creating a folder for them that they can carry around - include a pack of crayons, some pencils and blank paper so that when colouring gets boring they can create their own work of art. Your mini Picasso(s) will love this idea!

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