2018 Travel Trends

Wednesday 31 January 2018 by Jessica Mendoza The travel industry is in a constant state of evolution. People are always asking about the latest, quirkiest and most affordable trips to date. This industry relies on travel professionals to be innovative and give their readers something to look forward to. Listed below are the 2018 travel trends to keep your eye out for...


Experience Economy

Would you prioritise memorable experiences over luxury items? We would. In 2018, travellers will be looking to get their hands dirty with “real-life” cultural experiences, allowing them to create enriching, evocative memories for themselves. From creating their own environment to improvising their dinner, travellers will be customising their hotel experiences. If this doesn’t make your Instagram pretty, we don’t know what will.  


Staycations and Sticking to Europe

2018 travellers are most eager to explore their neighbouring cities and countries, experiencing every different European culture possible. It’s very likely that travellers are keen to make the most of Britain’s current EU status before Brexit plans take full effect. Quick trip to Amsterdam? Don't mind if we do. 


Wellness Holidays

From yoga retreats and Cornwall cabin breaks, to cycling tours and hiking trips - wellness holidays have never been so popular. With the 'mindful movement' being this year's go-to wellness trend, travellers are keen to broaden their experiences whilst feeling revitalised. We like to call this, 'finding your happy place.' Finding your happy place may not be as hard as you think, with new research from SACO revealing multiple activities in locations across the UK that make us feel content, you may not have to travel as far as you think. 


Cross-Generational Holidays

Cross-generational holidays - Mum, Dad and the grandparents - are finally making a comeback! Whether it's a slow-train journey through Amsterdam or an afternoon enjoying the thermal baths in Bath, it's about time we embrace the unexpected family-fun breaks.

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