5 ways to monitor your health while travelling for work

Monday 20 February 2017 by Florence Evans It is important to keep a track of the progress you’re making with an exercise regime, as this will help you to stay motivated.

Now that we’re into February, your New Year’s resolution could have gone one of two ways – out the window or become part of your lifestyle. If it’s the latter, then that’s great news, but you’ll be wanting to keep track of your progress to ensure you’re going in the right direction and provide an extra motivational boost.

There are plenty of ways to track your progress, so you’ll want to find the right one for you. It also needs to be something you can do while on a business trip if you travel for work regularly. Read on for the top five suggestions.

Activity tracker wristband

One of the best things about the new trend for wearable activity trackers is that they’re portable. All of the tech – including sensors and altimeters – are on your wrist, meaning it’s keeping track of the exercise you’re doing all the time and you can access the information whenever you like. And if your New Year’s resolution wasn’t just to move more, but to get extra or better quality sleep, wearable devices keep a close eye on that too.

There’s an app for that

Most of us already carry a smartphone around, so you can easily put it to good use for measuring your health. There are loads of different apps available, so you can see which one looks good for you or ask for recommendations from family and friends. While some require you to get monitors, there are others where you input the information yourself, such as what you’ve eaten or how much exercise you’ve done and it will keep a record for you.

Pack a tape measure

If your aim is to do a bit more exercise and generally feel better, then you might not feel the need to monitor the progress. The problem with this is that after an initial burst of noticing the improvements it becomes hard to stay on track. Pack a tape measure in your business travel case and measure around your waist on a regular basis. This is a good way to show that you are feeling a bit trimmer and going in the right direction.

Calculate your heart recovery rate after exercise

Whatever form of exercise you’ve taken up this year, you can look at your heart health afterwards. Count the number of heartbeats in 15 seconds immediately after the activity and multiply it by four to get your heart rate. Sit down and wait for two minutes then measure it again in the same way. Then take the second number away from the first. Over time, the final number should be getting higher, as your heart recovers from exercise more quickly. The only equipment you need for this is a standard watch and your fingers to measure your pulse.

Step on the scales

While weight is not the be all and end all in fitness, it is a good way to see that your new fitness regime is heading in the right direction. You can’t be expected to pack a set of bathroom scales and bring them along to every serviced apartment you stay in on a business trip, but you will find that many gyms have scales available to use. Decide on a time once a month to weigh yourself and keep a note in a good old fashioned notebook. Seeing the numbers go down will mean you stick to your new regime.

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