Beat the January Blues

Friday 06 January 2017 by Florence Evans January may be dreaded by some - short, sunlight lacking days; cold, dreary weather; and the inevitable feeling that there is nothing to look forward to. But the New Year also brings with it the opportunity for resolutions, new beginnings and exciting plans – the perfect time to embrace a little bit of hygge.


As one of the oxford dictionary’s infamous words of 2016, Hygge has been scrutinised for morphing into a materialistic advertising strategy. The misconception of this Danish philosophy for happiness involves buying all you can to look like a cuddly Scandinavian adorned with fur, fairy lights and fairisle jumpers.

But now that Christmas is over, the demand for buying into hygge memorabilia has reduced and we are left thinking about what this concept really means. Hygge is all about seeing the positive in everything you can, living in the moment and embracing the little things, like precious moments with the people you love or time by yourself to relax and unwind.

What makes us happy isn’t the hot chocolate, the designer blankets or loungewear you buy, or even the £50 scented candle you really regret purchasing. Hygge is a way of life, and when you strip it back to its foundations, it’s a philosophy of life that all happy people invest in, in some way or another.


So to truly embrace the New Year, try a few of these Hygge tips sure to beat the January blues:


Have a clear out and make a trip to your local charity shop

For those who have closets full to bursting, having a ‘wardrobe detox’ can be therapy in one of its finest forms. Italian women, some of the most stylish in the world, often can’t believe how much clothing us brits have, claiming one simply cannot dress well with so many options! Once you’ve sorted out what to ditch and what to keep, make a trip to your local charity shop and donate whatever clothing you have cleared out to them. This way you’ll be doing a little bit for charity and have a perfectly organised wardrobe to embrace the New Year in. Whether its The Rowan's Hospice, The British Heart Foundation or the RSPCA, get familiar with your local charity shops and start donating.



Set new goals

Whether it’s to run a 5K, organise a reunion with old friends, accomplish tasks at work or travel somewhere, 2017 is undoubtedly the best place to start! Some sceptics of new year’s resolutions may not want to stick to extreme diets or drastic lifestyle changes, but planning an event or having a goal is something to look forward to and work on. Make your challenge fun and you’ll be excited about the year ahead already!



Start a diary

Sometimes thoughts, feelings and experiences are best written down to fully express your emotions and remember them. Alongside keeping organised and up to date with everything, a diary is a great way to jot anything down that you feel necessary. Slot in cuttings from magazines and newspapers, and photos you want to keep, and it’ll be by your side at all times.



Keep consistent and plan to see friends

The festive season may be over but that doesn’t mean the fun is. Make time for friends this year, and plan to see them regularly even if it’s simply for a little walk and a catch up. Keep your network of friends close – after all, it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to enjoy spending time with those you love.



Make the most of a little sun

January has an unfair reputation for being bleak and grey – but don’t forget those gorgeous fresh mornings with clear skies and sunshine that deserve some credit. Whenever the sun shines, be sure to recognise it and give it some gratitude to brighten your day. Alternatively, if you feel like you need some “real” sunshine, plan a break away this new year for a bit of heat and it might just be enough to keep the January blues at bay.



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