Ditched your New Year’s Resolutions yet? We thought so. Here are our tips for health and fitness you can keep

Friday 20 January 2017 by Florence Evans The gyms are full of fresh recruits, sales for sportswear has gone through the roof and everyone is detoxing like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, we’re now well into the New Year and we want you to do it right, and right meaning getting into a fun routine of different activities that aid a little mindfulness. When you’re eating healthily and exercising hard, it feels great, but the most important thing is that you continue to enjoy it and reap the benefits. Overdoing it is detrimental - you’ll feel exhausted and stressed, completely missing the point, which is to relax, stay happy, and healthy!

Go to classes

If you’re bored of similar routines in the gym, then classes are undoubtedly the way to go. Some people are kept entertained with sets after sets of the same old bicep curl or squat, but classes are the best way of challenging yourself in new ways. Having an instructor in front of you means no matter how busy you’ve been at work all day you can let them do the hard stuff in calculating the perfect workout for you, just listen and do. Whether it’s an ab session, legs bums and tums, something different like aerial hoop or pole – these classes are bound to be more fun than the gym.

Take up a low intensity activity

One thing that any experienced gym-goer will tell you is to rest between sessions. Another thing that they’ll say is that exercise is addictive, and often rest just won’t hit the spot. That’s why the perfect activity for rest days is Yoga or Pilates – low intensity exercise that focuses on balance, stretching and posture. You’ll tone up, become more flexible and gain some well-earned inner peace. Many busy working people rush around with barely a minute to stop and meditate, and yoga is the perfect way to do this while combining it with physical benefits. The world is seeing mental health as increasingly more and more important, and no matter how you feel, a little yoga is the perfect treatment. Once you leave a yoga class you’ll feel instantly energised, physically and mentally – and ready for whatever the week has in store for you.

Keep your eating habits regular

The 5:2 diet, and now the 16:8 diet, what next? These fad diets may be effective, but they aren’t sustainable. You’ll be left craving unhealthy food like sugar and one day you’ll cave in. The New Year calls for sensible choices and everything in moderation. Think of a strategy that you know you can stick to, and if that involves a treat a day then so be it, it’ll work in the long term. ‘Diets’ just shouldn’t be in your vocabulary this 2017.

Try some new recipes

Getting heathy shouldn’t be boring, it should be delicious and fun – trying new foods is a great way to stay inspired while eating healthily. If you like the sound of something new, then try these healthy food trends of 2017. If you’re not looking to splash the cash this January on expensive ingredients for exotic dishes, then why not simply try alternatives for breakfast such as scrambled eggs on toast rather than cereal, or a salad with simple touches like walnuts and feta rather than your regular sandwich.


Running has to be one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions out there, but don’t be put off by the frenzy of people jumping on the cause. Think of it as a challenge, and the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve achieved one of your goals is second to none. If you’re a beginner then start small, running for a few minutes then walking, and repeat. If you’re a little more experienced then set a goal to run a 10K at a nearby city event, that way you have something to practice for.

Whatever your lifestyle preferences and changes, one thing you should keep in mind is to enjoy them above everything else. Once you have that source of inspiration you’ll keep up the good habits and reap the benefits throughout your 2017.

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