Essentials for the London Marathon

Monday 10 April 2017 by Florence Evans Limber up and get your running shoes on - the London Marathon is coming to the city! With a course of over 42 kilometres stretching along the River Thames, this iconic race is known to be a tough one. So make sure you’ve got a palace for the weekend – whether you’re racing or spectating. A serviced apartment gives you all the home comforts you could possibly require to get your game on and give it your all.
  1. Space for your entourage

Whether you are running alone or in a group, it’s always great to have an entourage of support ready to cheer you on your merry way. An apartment is the ideal place to host a gathering of friends and family and get you excited - and crack open the bubbly later! Plus there’s plenty of hands to help you kick back and literally do nothing after you’ve finished.

  1. Or, space to get in the zone alone

Alternatively, you may prefer some peace and quiet in the build up to the big event and need space to focus on the upcoming challenge with fewer people around. Our apartments are so light and spacious that you’re bound to feel at ease before the race.

  1. London on your doorstep

You’re in London… you’re running the marathon… you’ve got a rare golden ticket to carb load at some of the city’s best restaurants completely guilt-free! So have a little fun, try pizza at Covent Garden’s Homeslice, the delicious arancini at Hackney’s Lardo or Taiwanese fluffy steamed buns at Bao in Soho. Alternatively, grab your healthy eats from Detox Kitchen in Fitzrovia or the Good Life Eatery in Belgravia, and opt for their delicious meals and snacks optimised for sport and fitness.


  1. Your very own kitchen for that all important pre-run fuel

Do you have pre-run rituals? Porridge and banana or the classic full English? Whatever you fancy making, an apartment is the ideal place to stay in preparation for the marathon. Fully-equipped kitchens provide you with everything you’ll need to whip up your superfood, and spacious open plan dining and living areas give you the space to enjoy it. Recreate the classic runner’s porridge with a twist by boiling Scottish rolled oats, quinoa, cardamom and almond milk in a saucepan until thick, then topping with tinned peaches and maple syrup – delicious! The full recipe can be found here.

  1. Space to limber up

All runners know the importance of stretching, and an apartment is the perfect place to prepare those muscles for the challenge ahead. So whether you like it or not, before running one of the most iconic races in the world, bring your yoga mat and stretch out with SACO

More of a spectator than a runner? Our apartments have views to die for! While you’re running, all the family can relax and enjoy the views and the atmosphere that London has to offer, and even start sipping the prosecco early…


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We have apartments along the whole route of the London Marathon including Canary Wharf, Cannon street and Bermondsey,

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