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Thursday 04 May 2017 by Florence Evans The ‘Athleisure’ (that’s wearing activewear as leisure wear) trend may be going wild, but we’re determined to keep using our gym gear for actual exercise. If you’re losing motivation with your regular workout routines then you’ll need a little inspiration for something a bit more fun. Here’s what’s trending, the latest fitness crazes, and how to look the part.

For a low intensity exercise that focuses on shaping and toning:


Try Barrecore in London, Leeds and Bristol.

Getting that ballerina body is well within your reach with a little sculpting and toning at Barrecore, where ballet meets boot camp. The latest trend favoured by celebs is made of up tiny movements and postures that work all your key muscle groups and will leave you feeling fully worked – without even breaking into a sweat. Well that’s the classic class anyway, try versions incorporating cardio and weights for a full-on work out.

What to wear: Gap has a practical yet elegant range of Barre clothing, with neutral colours and flattering styles, guaranteed to provide the utmost comfort for your Barre workout.


For a high intensity blast that’ll give you that post-weekend detox:


Try Virgin Active’s range of HIIT classes including UGI, Twenty-Four, Zuu and The Grid.

High Intensity Interval Training is the ultimate in combing cardio with strength, intense bursts with recovery… and burns calories like there’s no tomorrow. As summer approaches the long bank holiday weekends prevail, and as the saying goes, no pain, no champagne. Try one of these classes on a Monday for the ultimate satisfaction that you’ve burned plenty of calories to make up for any sinful weekend that came before it.

What to wear: Nike has always been the star of the show when it comes to sportswear, but their range of fitness gear and training shoes will see you through in style as you sprint, squat, lift, plank or do anything else your that Hiit session throws at you. And of course, their ultra-sleek gym wear will guarantee you’ll look the part.


For an intense workout that preaches the ‘strong not skinny’ mantra:


Try CrossFit Perpetua in London and Dublin.

Said to be loved by Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, discard your misconceptions of CrossFit solely suiting muscly weightlifters - this fitness regime is perfect for sculpting and toning, combining lifting hefty weights with challenging your flexibility.

What to wear: Gymshark offers the ultimate in figure-hugging gym gear that cinches in all the right places. With breathable, dynamic materials and particularly iconic leggings favoured by bloggers, Gymshark offers the ideal threads for achieving your fitness goals.


For one of the most straightforward workouts going, refreshing the mind and body:


Check out our running route from our apartments on Cannon Street to start you off.

It’s not rocket science, but running has got to be one of the most convenient workouts to practice. Pounding the streets is well-known for its benefits including clearing stressful heads, working your leg muscles and increasing your cardiovascular strength, and decreasing your chances of heart disease each time you run.

What to wear: Lululemon has it all when it comes to workout gear, but it’s running leggings and tops are second to none. Optimised to move with your body as you run, these bad boys will see you through from your 5K’s to your marathons - although the quality has a price tag, so make sure you invest well in your Lulu workout gear.



Try Sweaty Betty’s range of in-store classes for your Pilates fix.

Similar to yoga but more challenging for the muscles and focusing on the core, Pilates is a must-try for anyone who loves fitness and wants to improve their flexibility, posture and balance. If you’re a gym addict and need to take a rest day, then this low intensity exercise will allow your muscles to rest whilst increasing your overall fitness. As the founder of Pilates said himself 'in 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you'll be on your way to having a whole new body.'

What to wear: Sweaty Betty offers the epitome of looking stylish while you stretch, and has a range of beautiful matching sets, reversible leggings, timeless prints and perfect Pilates socks that provide the grip you need for your class.


Feeling inspired?

Whilst traveling for business, stay motivated and try something new! These classes are perfect for switching off from work and letting off some steam.

Or, skip the sweat and book your next apartment stay now!
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