Gifts for city break lovers

Thursday 07 December 2017 by Jessica Mendoza We’ve listed the best gift ideas for your adventurous loved ones who are constantly booking their next voyage. These gift ideas will help capture special memories, inspire creativity and make travelling in general a whole lot easier…


A scratch world map

The perfect gift for city break lovers, the map allows visited destinations to be scratched off revealing the gorgeously current world map underneath. There’s room for every traveller to record their adventures and create a completely personal story. Simply grab a coin and start scratching off all the destinations you have been lucky enough to visit – and dream about your next trip away.


Pocket travel journal

A travel journal is a must-have for a city break lover, it’s perfect for writing (or drawing) your bucket list in, storing your memories of the cities you’ve visited, the experiences you’ve had, the people you’ve met, the name of your favourite restaurant…


Travel chord pack

Every year there seems to be more and more cables to pack with you on your travels - we need to pack our phone chargers, tablet chargers and laptop chargers to get through that six-hour plane or train journey. Remembering to pack them isn’t even the worst part, it’s the untangling of cables that takes up the most time. Make a traveller very happy with a cable organiser! Essential. 



A selfie stick

A selfie stick is a useful (if a little cringe-worthy) accessory for any traveller – you don’t have to take the risk and ask a stranger to take a photo, you can just capture yourself and the view you desperately want. Time Magazine crowned the selfie stick one of the best inventions of 2014. 


A portable charger

You cannot go wrong with buying a travel lover a good quality portable battery charger. Whether they’re travelling across the country or around the world for that once in a lifetime trip, a portable charger will keep your phone, camera or tablet alive and ready to capture every moment. A life-saver!


Luggage scale

Luggage weight is a stressful concept for any traveller – especially the travellers who insist they need to shop in every city they visit. However, they will never get hit by excess baggage fees again with a ‘handy’ hand held luggage scale! Small and convenient, can be packed up and taken anywhere. 

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