Happy National Zoo Lover Day!

Thursday 08 March 2018 by Jessica Mendoza In honour of National Zoo Lover Day…

There is no shortage of zoos in the UK, which means that there are plenty of opportunities to hang out with your favourite furry friends. We’ve picked our top four zoos in the UK that we recommend you could venture out and visit this Easter.


ZSL London Zoo

The world’s oldest scientific zoo is currently home to more than 750 different species. ZSL London Zoo opened the world’s first aquarium, reptile house and insect house - and they’re not stopping there, innovation is still at its highest. Last year ZSL launched a brand new Pygmy hippo exhibit and this year they’re launching a ‘In with the Lemurs’ exhibit, opening Saturday 28th March. We can’t wait!

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ZSL London Zoo Sumatran tiger enclosure. 


Bristol Zoo

Although this zoo may be a modest 12 acres, it is still home to over 450 species. Bristol is home to the one of the smallest zoos in the world but they’ve fortunately used their space amazingly. The gorilla house is an award-winning enclosure, with a glass-roofed viewing area that you can walk over – a world first.

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Silverback Gorilla at Bristol Zoo.


Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is the only zoo in the UK to care for giant pandas and koalas. Other animal highlights include a young baby chimp in their award-winning Budongo Trail enclosure, a baby tapir, Indian rhinos, sun bears and a famous daily penguin parade. It’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see, we promise.

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Panda sleeping on wooden boards, Edinburgh Zoo.


West Midland Safari Park

West Midland Safari Park is perfect for the curious dinosaur lover, with the park featuring ‘Land of the Living Dinosaurs’ experience. After a run around their Adventure Theme Park, which consists of stomach-dropping roller coasters, you will explore the deep wild life of Africa. Count the stripes of a zebra and admire the kings of the jungle. Oh, and how could we forget - don’t miss the opportunity to feed a giraffe; the gentle giants of the savanna.

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Giraffe peeping into a car, West Midland Safari Park. 

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