Healthy breakfasts to kick-start your day

Tuesday 19 September 2017 by Jessica Mendoza There’s a theory looming around that healthy breakfasts are too time consuming and therefore impossible to get done during hectic mornings. However, we’ve strung together the top five recipes for quick and easy breakfasts leaving you more than satisfied until lunch time (some can be taken on the go too)…


Breakfast option number…


1. Gourmet toast

Gourmet toast is becoming progressively more popular with bakeries and cafes - it’s a simple concept, hard to get wrong and guaranteed to turn your breakfast into something special. Ingredients are dependent on taste, which is one of the best things about this breakfast - of course, we suggest a healthy selection, but if you want to treat yourself because it’s a Monday morning or the weekend, we have no objection (we do it too). Some of our favourite ingredients include - whole grain bread, cream cheese, chives, lemon, tomato, hummus, cucumber, feta, olive oil, peanut butter (unsalted), banana, honey, cinnamon, avocado, salmon, red chili flakes or egg. Get experimental and shake up your mornings!


With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts…


2. Breakfast bruschetta

Bruschetta is super easy to make, extremely healthy and could probably be done with one hand whilst you attempt to actually do work with the other. This recipe contains some very common breakfast ingredients - scrambled egg, buttery toast and diced tomato. All you have to do is make some ‘fluffy’ scrambled eggs (tip: you can make delicious scrambled eggs in the microwave instead of messing about with pots and pans - we promise it tastes just as good), and combine them with fresh tomatoes and French bread for an easy breakfast recipe in just 10 minutes. Go wild and add in a little goat’s cheese, some pesto or even fresh basil for an adventurous start to the day.


Juice it up…


3. Fruit Smoothies

This recipe is a saviour for those of us with rushed mornings and you’ll never be bored as there’s endless ingredients you can experiment with - the sky is the limit. Strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, apples, honey, rolled oats, oranges… anything you specifically crave that morning can be chucked in the blender - and we guarantee this will keep you full until lunch. Tip: supermarkets are now selling frozen fruit in packets, saving you from buying fresh fruit every other day – the frozen fruit is cheaper too.


You have to make it happen…


4. Greek Yogurt Cereal Parfait

Cereal parfait has taken the healthy living trend by storm - so quick and easy with different recipes being created and combined every day. This breakfast is all about layers; first yogurt, then fruit, then cereal, then more yogurt… you get the picture. Recipe ingredients could include - strawberries, blueberries, kiwi (basically any fruit you fancy), vanilla/strawberry Greek yogurt (low fat), granola cereal clusters or low calorie cereal.


Healthy living is not a diet… 


5. Pancakes

We’re super happy to announce that pancakes can actually be healthy! Behold this light, fluffy and fruity alternative to Nutella and golden syrup: slices of apple, strawberry, banana etc. with maple syrup over the top - high in vitamins and minerals (although some have high sugar contents so choose your brand wisely). There is also an alternative called ‘hearty pancakes’ which is made with whole-wheat flour, whatever fruit you fancy and vanilla soy milk providing plenty of sweet, low-calorie flavour! Another option? Whole-grain avocado pancakes. Avocados are rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. This fat-burning breakfast will boost your metabolism for the entire day. And lastly, one of our personal favourites is the peanut butter ‘tagalong’ pancake. Smooth peanut butter, eggs, coconut oil and mini chocolate chips – if you please. Definite treats for the morning! The average amount of calories for these pancake recipes is 200 (for three pancakes), not bad at all.



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