How to keep fit at home when the snow hits

Monday 04 February 2019 by Kayleigh Little Everyone loves a snow day, right? But it’s not always welcome when it interrupts your exercise regime. Whether you’re travelling for business or simply stuck in your own home, here’s how you can keep fit without braving the great outdoors…


Make YouTube your best friend

If you don’t know where to start, prop your smartphone or laptop against a wall and search for a home workout video on YouTube. Whether you want a lengthy workout or a five-minute yoga session, there’s something for everyone on the popular video streaming platform. Don’t worry – most of them use little or no equipment because they’re designed to be mirrored at home. Useful for those of us who don’t have a pair of dumbbells or an exercise ball lying around.


Replace your dumbbells with water bottles

Fill two small bottles with water (or pebbles for extra weight) and use them just as you would any dumbbell. Using small weights can make lunging, squatting and jumping more intense exercises which target a large group of muscles instead of just one. If you want to up the ante, root through your garage or kitchen cupboards and see what else you can use as weights – try bags of rice, books or even paint cans for heavier substitutes!


Take advantage of the stairs

Okay so this one may not be practical for everyone if your accommodation only spans one level, but if you have access to a staircase then why not use it? Running up and down the stairs can burn up to 300 calories in ten minutes (the same amount as a one-hour walk!) Working away from home in a hotel? Even better - they usually have lots of floors, so lace up your trainers, put in your headphones and head for the main stairwell.


Invest in a few fitness DVDs

They may be left collecting dust behind your sofa for most of the year, but when you’re stuck indoors an exercise DVD is a great way to get your heart pumping and blood rushing. Find one featuring your favourite celebrity for some added motivation. If this is something you’ll be using more often than just on snow days, why not splash a little extra cash and invest in a Peloton bike or a Fiit device? Fiit is an online platform which uses smart technology to create an interactive fitness studio in the comfort of your own home. Peloton isn’t too dissimilar - an indoor bike with video functionality which allows you to join a live spin class complete with a qualified instructor alongside people from all over the world. Technology ay!


Set yourself intermittent workouts

You may not want to spend a long period of time working out – especially if you’re busy working. Alternatively, plan mini workouts throughout the day and set a reminder on your phone for each one. For example, every hour on the hour you could aim for 20 jumping jacks, 20 push ups and one minute of running on the spot. Tailor it to exercises you feel comfortable doing and you’ll find the blood pumping around your body in no time!

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