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Monday 26 January 2015 by Hollie Swain Not sure how to keep fit while staying away from home? Take heed from some top fitness experts!

Last spring we put together a post all about office fitness, after we learned about the effects that working at a desk for 7 hours can have on your health. With January coming to an end we want to help and encourage you to keep up your new years resolutions and help you to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling on business. We've asked top fitness experts to come up with their best solutions for exercising in serviced apartments just like ours to help you stay fit wherever you are and with as little as 10 minutes of your free time!

Mona Christensen - Personal Trainer and Studio Owner at Functional Fitness Forever


Do every exercise 15 times (reps), rest for 30 seconds then move on to the next exercise. One round is fine (the 15 minute timing is based on running through the circuit twice), but you can carry on with as many rounds as you can do. I’d recommend doing no more than 3 if you are currently not doing much exercise but as you get fitter you can do as many as you want!



Legs slightly wider than hip width apart, bend the knees and hip as you lower the bottom down towards the floor. Keep your knees in line with toes at all times. Hold on to the back of a chair or the wall if you need to for balance in the beginning.

Press ups 


Body in a straight line, weight on toes and hands, hands roughly in line with the shoulders. Bend the elbows, keeping the body straight, until the chest is just off the floor then push back up again to the starting position. Easier version: put weight on the knees rather than toes, this reduces the pressure on the hands by about 30%. Press up against a windowsill, chair or bed base. The steeper the incline the harder it is, so the more upright you are the easier to do. Harder version: put legs on the bed or a chair, make sure it’s all safe and stable! This way more of your body weight is pushed towards the shoulders and arms. 



Starting with your legs about shoulder width apart, put one leg forward and bend both front and back leg, aiming for 90 degrees angle at both knee joints. Keep the body upright; so don't lean backwards or forwards. Really keep your core tight to prevent the lower back bending! Alternate between the right leg and left leg forward. Do 15 on each leg.

Bent over flies


Legs about hip width apart, a slight bend in the knee. Tilt at the hip so that the body is in at least a 45-degree angle to the floor. Here you might need to pick up something to act as weights, bottles of water, shoes, laptops, books, anything really. Keeping the arms extended, with soft elbows, start with the arms hanging towards the floor, then lift the arms upwards and backwards (like a seagull), so that the arms are extended at shoulder level, arms are still straight and the shoulder blades are being squeezed together. Return the arms to the front, slowly and controlled.

When you have completed your exercise routine, walk around for 2 minutes to cool down, then stretch all muscles used, holding the stretch for 15-20 seconds.



Sarah Grace - Fresh Fit & Healthy

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Frankie Holah - Pull Ups and Peanut Butter 

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Tricep Dips (Bent knee is beginner, straight leg is intermediate)


Chair Incline Press Up


Chair Decline Press Up


Chair Crunches




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Exercise 1: The roll-up

You don’t need a lot of room for this, just enough to lie down. You can even do it on the bed!

1. Lie down flat on your back & stretch your arms out behind your head. Make sure you stretch your legs as well, keep them hip width apart & really extend your spine!

2. Take a deep breath in & stretch a little further

3. As you exhale, slowly bring your arms up above your head and use your abs to pull yourself into a sitting position. DO NOT STRAIN YOUR NECK!

4. Take another deep breath in & then as you exhale, roll yourself slowly back down into your starting position.

5. Don’t worry if your feet come off the floor as you sit up, that’s normal and will decrease as your abs get stronger. Make sure you’re not straining your neck when you sit up! Each rollup is equivalent to 6 crunches *apparently*

Exercise 2: Suitcase strength!

This is basically weight reps with a suitcase instead of dumbbells! Do 10 with each arm, repeat 3 times.

Exercise 3: Reverse crunches

Like the roll-ups you can do these on your bed if you’d rather stay off that hotel floor...

1. Lie flat on your back

2. Lift your knees up towards your chest & then straighten towards the ceiling (don’t worry if you can’t fully straighten them the first time!)

3. Bring your knees back into your chest, and then lower until they are parallel with the floor again.

4. If you want to make this a bit harder, don’t put your legs back on the floor, hold them parallel to the floor for 5 seconds before repeating.  



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I promise it's totally possible to keep fit on your travels without need of a gym or any fancy equipment. In fact, using just your body-weight and a focus on form, you can burn up quite the sweat. And I'm here to show you how! Now before we continue, I have to tell you that this is how I work out the whole time, so you can also take this routine home with you. Please note: sports kit is entirely optional - we're not leaping around for this one, so a comfy T or vest top with leggings or shorts would also work.

Let's get started!

1. Toe tap butt lift



1. Starting on all fours, straighten your left leg out behind you

2. Keeping that leg straight - and bottom firm - cross to touch your left toe behind your right heel

3. Still keeping that leg straight, raise your left leg up and out to a nice high point

4. Repeat that cross and raise motion

5. Switch legs and repeat

2. Leg raise butt lift



1. Lie on your back with hands resting beside

2. Bend both legs and lift onto your toes

3. Straighten your left leg and raise to a high point

4. Keeping the right foot raised to the toe at all times, lift and lower your bottom. Don't let it touch the ground!

5. Repeat that lift and lowering motion

6. Switch legs and repeat   


3. Leg lift toe tap



1. Lie on your side with legs together and upper body raised to the forearm, supporting your weight with a hand placed under the chest

2. Keeping both legs straight, raise your upper leg to a nice high point

3. Still keeping that leg straight, lower to tap the ground in front of your resting leg

4. Raise your top leg back up to the point

5. The lower to tap the ground behind your resting leg

6. Repeat the raise to front then raise to back tapping motions

7. Switch sides, and repeat  


4. Waist dips 



1. Start in plank position

2. Keeping that tummy tucked, and in one fluid motion, twist your waist to lower your hip to tap the ground to your left

3. Raise back to plank

4. Then twist to lower your hip to tap to the right  


5. Table top crunches



1.  Again, let's keep that motion minimal. Lie on your back, place your hands to your temples and raise your legs to table top position

2. Engage the core, keep that chin from your chest and raise to a small crunch

3. Keeping things fluid, raise to a deeper crunch then lower and repeat

4. Raise to plank, and repeat


6. Double leg lifts



1. Lie on your back with hands resting beside

2. Keeping your abs tight and your lower back pressed to the ground (if you struggle to do this, you should place your hands under your lower back for support) and raise both legs to a vertical position

3. Keeping that form with your abs and lower back, lower both legs at once until your feet are parallel to the ground

4. Maintaining form, raise both legs to the vertical position, and repeat.


7. Back lifts



1. Lie on your front with your arms outstretched before you

2. Using one fluid motion, lift your arms and legs to a level raised position.

3. And in another fluid motion, lower both your arms and legs to the floor, and then repeat!

How to complete your workout

• Start by getting those muscles warmed up to avoid injury. I recommend a mix of dynamic stretches, such as toe taps to side twists, knee raises and gentle lunges. You can even jog lightly on the spot.

• Follow your workout moves in the published order. For a truly great apartment workout, repeat each move 20 times before going onto the next. Once you've completed the set of 7, go back to the beginning repeating each 10 times, and then back to the beginning repeating for five.

• Fitness beginner? No worries! Try starting with 10 repetitions of each move, and then the five.

• Prefer to freestyle it? This workout has been designed for you to use as you please. Pick your favourite moves, focus on your form and enjoy!

• Don't forget your cool-down. Another selection of dynamic stretches will do the trick and keep you limber!

Little tip: want to up your fitness game? Add some ankle-weights or a resistance band to that travel bag next time you're visiting SACO!

I so hope you enjoy your workout! 

With thanks to the fantastic staff at SACO Bath - St James' Parade, where all of these images were taken. 

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Thanks to all the bloggers for taking part! If you have a go at one of the routines, please let us know how you got on by leaving a comment below or tweeting us!

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