How will you make the most of your trip to Jersey?

Thursday 20 October 2016 by Sarah Knight In Jersey there’s no shortage of ways to spend your time – whether you’re looking for an adventure or just to kick back and relax.

When it comes to planning your short break in Jersey, bear one important factor in mind – size isn’t everything. Jersey may be small, but there is a reason that people come back time and time again to visit this green paradise. There’s no shortage of ways to spend your time – whether you’re looking for an adventure or just to kick back and relax.

Our guests always return from their busy days bubbling with excitement about things they’ve experienced, places they’ve visited and facts they’ve learnt about the island’s heritage. Here are four great ways to spend the day, all easily accessible from your serviced apartment in St. Helier:


Jersey Zoo

At a time when zoos are receiving a lot of negative press, Jersey Zoo (formerly Durrell Wildlife Park) continues to thrive as the first ever conservation-themed zoo. Established in 1959, this animal haven is an impressive 32-acre park made up of lush valleys and woodland – and home to some of the world’s rarest animals.

Conservation is at the heart o Jersey Zoo and it has become a focus for wildlife conservation worldwide, with field staff working on 50 different projects in 18 countries around the world. Think of Jersey Zoo as the “ark” – the team there have a proven track record of saving species from extinction and manage breeding programmes with the end goal of releasing animals back into the wild.


Jersey Seafaris

If you’re an ocean lover, there really is no better way to enjoy the island of Jersey than by sea. RIB tours around Jersey provide you with the opportunity to spot dolphins and seals – all the while taking in the island’s jaw-dropping scenery. Take in Jersey’s stunning caves and cliffs or even pop over to France for bite to eat in a local café.

Jersey Seafaris are available from St. Helier, virtually on the doorstep of your SACO serviced apartment. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking for something a little different, why not book a private charter that will be completely tailored to how you and your guests wish to spend the day.


Jersey War Tunnels

During your stay you might find yourself seeking a culture fix – and the Jersey War Tunnels are a great way to find out more about the island’s fascinating history. The island was occupied by Germany during World War II and as a result, you’ll find tunnels dug deep into the hillside that are a poignant reminder of the cruelty of the Nazi regime.

Spend some time walking through the tunnels and experience the exhibitions that transport you back in time to Jersey’s occupation from resistance, to starvation and finally liberation. Inhabitants of Jersey are keen not to forget this dark chapter of their history and have taken great care to preserve the tunnels, located just four miles north west of St Helier.


Ayush Wellness Spa

If you’re really just looking to relax and unwind, the Ayush Wellness Spa is the place you want to be. The spa is bathed in natural light and has been carefully designed to offer stunning views over landscaped gardens through large glass windows. This light creates a bright space and tranquil atmosphere in which to enjoy the 17,000sq ft spa pool and rooms.

At the heart of Ayush Wellness Spa is Ayurvedic healing therapies, a range of treatments which focus on the whole human being and aims to find an inner balance. Bathe in the spa’s restorative waters, pamper yourself in massage pools and cleanse your skin in the sauna and steam rooms – the perfect place to escape the stresses and strains of daily life.


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