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Monday 21 November 2016 by Sarah Knight The concept of Hygge is spreading quickly, crossing international borders to bring comfort and warmth to anyone who takes the time to give it a little thought. And because there’s nothing less hygge than being unable to pronounce it, we’re spelling it phonetically – {Hu-Ga}

Life becomes more hectic every day and it gets harder to find time to sit back, relax and enjoy the small things. As stress levels rise across most of the world, the Nordic countries are consistently rated as the best places to live for quality of life and the Danes continue to top the polls as the happiest people on earth. Their secret? Hygge {Hu-Ga}.

The idea is simple really – and its simplicity is perhaps what makes it so enticing and humbling. In English there is no literal translation – it’s more of a feeling or a mood than a particular word – but it can be described as “cosiness” or “togetherness”.

Hygge is a very personal thing – what’s hygge to me might not be particularly hygge to you – but once you take time to look for it and acknowledge it, you’ll find pleasure in the small things and tap into a source of happiness that lifts even the darkest of days.

When you’re travelling - whether for business or leisure – it’s unlikely that a standard hotel room gives you much opportunity to find a sense of hygge. But in a SACO serviced apartment, there’s plenty of ways to feel warmth and find a little bit of cosy. From the warm, friendly welcome you receive the minute you walk in the door, to the L’Occitaine bubble bath, from the sumptuous mattress to the hot chocolate in the welcome pack, our apartments are perfect for surviving the winter months.

A serviced apartment gives you the opportunity to kick back on the sofa with a good book after a long day at the office, or open a bottle of wine with your loved one after an afternoon exploring the city. The fully-equipped kitchen has everything you need to make a hearty, homecooked meal and the clean, contemporary interiors are clutter-free and create a calming atmosphere.

This festive season, rather than focusing on one day (Christmas), we’ll be focusing on hygge – a life-enriching way to survive the winter season and maybe even a habit you’ll keep for life. So take a minute out of your busy day to be kind to yourself, appreciate even the smallest of things and share the warmth of hygge with us.

What does hygge mean to you? Share your pictures with the hashtag #littlebitofcosy via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for the opportunity to win a night's stay in one of our apartments and a hamper of hygge goodies!

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