Tomorrow's traveller - Millennials and the future of business travel

Tuesday 24 February 2015 by Jo Redman We recently commissioned research via YouGov to give us a better understanding of what Generation Y ''Millennials” expect as they increasingly travel around the world.

We have bought these exciting findings and our thoughts together in a whitepaper and are pleased to share the content.

Please click here to read about Millennials and the future of business travel

We are finding the insights invaluable as we grow and reshape our business to understand not only what Millennials want and why but travellers of all ages. We are undergoing a period of significant change as we adapt our business to accommodate these requirements.

Of course will always remain focused on our vision – to make staying away from home great.

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Jo Redman Marketing Director

Jo Redman joined SACO in 2004 after 11 years in the travel and telecommunications industry leading teams of people to deliver sales results with a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. In recent years Jo has provided the strategic direction and management to take the company’s marketing capability and SACO brand forward, with a strong emphasis on bringing the brand to life through SACO teams and people. Jo is also an Engage for Success (EFS) Ambassador. EFS is a movement committed to the idea that there is a better way to work, a better way to enable personal growth, organisational growth and ultimately growth for Britain by releasing more of the capability and potential of people at work. ”It’s all about the people” – could be Jo’s mantra

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