Mother's Day gifts for the travel-loving mum

Sunday 11 March 2018 by Jessica Mendoza Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your mum and give her something special – although we know nothing will be quite as special as her. We’ve covered the gifts that will please your travel-loving mum, the gifts she wouldn’t normally buy herself but secretly really wants…


   1. A trusty travel pillow, black out sleeping mask and “nothing will wake me” earplugs

Spoil your mum with a comfy neck pillow, a blackout sleeping mask and earplugs so that she can block out the world and take a nap next time she’s on a trip. You could also throw in a lightweight blanket to make sure she’s extra well-prepared and cosy.


  1. A goodie bag of boredom busters

A goodie bag of things to do on her next long-haul flight. Genius! Find a nice gift bag and fill it with her favourite puzzle books (crosswords, Sudoku etc.), magazines, snacks, a book... you could even write a letter for her to read when she travels!


  1. A travel document case

A travel document case is key for a travelling mum who loves organisation. Keeping passports, tickets, visas and other essential bits and pieces of paperwork neat and tidy will be way too satisfying to deny. Of course, you can find a design tailored to her taste: pretty flowers, funky patterns, inspirational quotes, classic black leather or go all out and get it photo customised.


  1. A portable coffee maker

Coffee is an essential for the travelling mum! And luckily, the ability to make good coffee has become portable. The world is your oyster when it comes to choice. A simple one cup cone portable coffee, a battery operated coffee machine, a Handpresso pump-action espresso device…


  1. Special water bottles

Find a good quality drink bottle that she can fill up and take with her to stay hydrated on her travels - she will thank you! There are plenty of lovely-looking, lightweight drink bottles available in outdoor supply shops and online. Aluminium ones are durable and light, whilst stainless steel ones are impervious to leaching or rusting and filtered bottles will ensure she can drink at anytime from anywhere without risking a poorly tummy!

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