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Thursday 21 December 2017 by Jessica Mendoza We asked Indira Cassama, The Cannon’s Apartment Manager, a few questions about why she thinks we’re experiencing such great customer feedback. Here’s what she had to say…


When did you start working for SACO?

I started working for SACO in August 2016 - a year and four months ago.


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I mainly enjoy challenges - although I’m not competitive, I enjoy when my team’s hard work has been recognised, especially by guests. It gives me strength and I take pride in what we achieve on a daily basis. Although cliché, meeting different people from different countries is what makes my job interesting and exciting. I simply enjoy talking to them and asking questions, learning about different cultures. 


Tell us about your best day at SACO so far?

The best day for me so far at SACO, is when The Cannon reached number two on TripAdvisor. It’s an honour to be recognised by such valued guests. I also always enjoy working on Fridays when a team member always brings food and sweets for us all and we also have new arrivals in the afternoon - it’s exciting to see who walks in and out of the building.


How do you make guests feel at home when staying at The Cannon?

My job as Apartment Manager is to ensure that our regular long stay guests are having a hassle-free stay. I regularly send an email to ask if they require anything else from us. Recently, The Cannon Team and I have started to provide long stay guests with free mobile sim cards for that little bit of extra effort. Warm, welcoming smiles are always important and we’re ready to have a conversation when the guests leaves in the morning and returns in the evening, just about how their day went. I ensure that all of The Cannon Team are engaged with the guests - some of our customers have relocated from overseas and that can be a real challenge for them! We make sure that we provide enough information about the area, let them know about the best tube routes, favourite restaurants, where the supermarket is… small but helpful tips like that. Of course, The Cannon events are another opportunity to create rapport with other long stay guests.


In your opinion, why do you think corporate guests love The Cannon?

The team spirit, The Cannon personality, comfort and fast speedy Wi-Fi connection. The streaming services that we offer on our TV’s, the latest technology we have in our apartments, the amenities, the appliances… and not to mention The Cannon’s beautiful location.

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