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Tuesday 27 January 2015 by Irina Catana Amsterdam has the perfect mix of small independent restaurants, cafes and pubs. Discover some of the city's more secret spots with our great guide.

A definite ‘win’ when in search of a great restaurant is Restaurant Johannes. With a reputation for outstanding food presentation and service, this restaurant is a must even on a short visit to Amsterdam. With a quaint outside garden available prior to eating for starters and a menu which by Amsterdam starters is fairly modest, a trip to Restaurant Johannes will not let you down. 

If in search of a livelier atmosphere, Tales and Spirits combines cocktails with food, and as they admit themselves, they love food. With no difference between starters and main courses, if you like what you eat, just order more! Varying from Pickled sardines to Pan-fried flounder the menu can’t be called dull, and neither can the drinks!

Focusing more on breakfast and lunch, Omelegg provides a slightly cheaper option, with exceptional quality. Focusing on omelettes, the restaurant with a homely feel and wooden features would soon turn in to a regular eating spot if given the chance. Fresh produce and a wide menu is the basis for this cafes growing popularity, with an optimal location sealing the deal!

Set just off the main shopping district, Lombardo’s provide the tastiest Burgers and Sandwiches around. Although there is no seating available here, it has not spoilt its reputation. Going back to the basics of how the perfect burger should be, Lombardo’s gives you the option of choosing your own burger fillers with a unique fast food come restaurant feel.

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