Seen all of the big sights? Here are Manchester's hidden gems

Friday 01 June 2018 by Jessica Mendoza We can proudly claim that Manchester is one of the best cities in the UK. Its innovation and history, its friendliness and nightlife is inspiring and we can't wait to tell you about all the hidden gems in the city...


Ancoats Peepholes

Keep your eye out for the little spy holes hidden on old buildings around Ancoats. Installed by artist and architect Dan Dubowitz, ‘The Peeps’ were set up to give the public an inside preview of objects from the areas industrial past. There are no maps, guides or signs to help point them out - the best way to find them is to simply explore.


St John’s Gardens

St John’s Garden may be small but it’s covered in beautiful park wildlife. This scenic green space is not something you’re likely to stumble across unless you live or work nearby, but it’s the perfect spot to go if you’re looking for some peace and quiet or an Instagram-friendly background.


Chetham's Library

The UK’s oldest public library! Tucked away behind Chetham's School of Music, the library was founded by Humphrey Chetham back in 1653 and holds over 100,000 books. Beautiful architectural features giving the building character, along with its perfect city centre location.


Abraham Lincoln statue

Yes, that’s right. Manchester has a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Why, you may wonder? It’s to do with the city’s cotton industry and its workers’ support for his abolition of slavery during the American Civil War. If you stumble by, read the plaque: “By supporting the union under President Lincoln at a time when there was an economic blockade of the southern states, the Lancashire cotton workers were denied access to raw cotton which caused considerable unemployment throughout the cotton industry.” The sculpture originally stood in Platt Fields Park but was moved to Lincoln Square, a city centre square named in his honour.


The Washhouse

An experience that will make you feel like a Peaky Blinder. From the outside, The Washhouse poses like a humble laundrette, but behind the front lies a hidden drinking den. To get past the washing machines and tumble driers you'll have to call up and say how many 'loads' you want to book in for a service wash. We won't spoil the rest for you...


The Hidden Gem Church

Time for the most hidden gem - St Mary’s Catholic Church. Founded in 1794, it’s the oldest Catholic Church in Manchester. It’s mostly known for its interior, the Stations of the Cross by painter Norman Adams are considered one of the greatest religious art commissions of the 20th century.

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