Seven reasons to hit the hay when home or away

Monday 09 July 2018 by Kayleigh Little Do you struggle to sleep well away from home? Well, you’re not alone. Sleep is crucial – it’s the time when our body carries out essential maintenance - so put on your PJs and shut away your laptop. Here’s why a good night’s sleep does wonders for your health…


You could live longer

Interestingly, studies have discovered a link between a shorter night’s sleep and lower life expectancy. Recent findings published in the Journal of Sleep Research also suggest a weekend lie-in may help to redress the balance and improve your lifespan. So, whether you’re aiming for consistency during the week or looking forward to a lazy weekend, make sure you’ve created a comfortable sleeping environment and get a good night’s sleep.


You’ll be more productive

A Stanford University study has uncovered an important link between optimal athletic performance and a good night’s sleep; to perform at their best, athletes need to sleep well. But even if you’re not an athlete, the same can be also said for the workplace or learning environment. Well-rested employees or students will generally enjoy clearer minds, sharper focus and a more productive day. Full agenda for tomorrow? Then make sure you get to bed on time.


Sleep will boost your brainpower

Whilst we’re sleeping, our brain is busy storing information and laying down memories.  Harvard researchers have identified that good quality sleep enables creative problem solving; your brain uses sleep time to restructure your thoughts, enabling you to access them quicker the next day.  If you’re learning a new skill or working on a creative project, those all-important 40 winks could help you retain information and effectively tackle new challenges. So stop obsessively working until late and allow your brain to take care of itself.


It’ll help you stay strong

It’s not just your brain performing overtime through the night, but also your muscles. Many athletes eat a protein snack before bed to boost their body’s natural muscle repair and restoration process as they sleep. Further studies have also shown that sleep boosts the immune system, so if you’re feeling under the weather or aiming to strengthen and protect your body, it’s time to hit the sack.


Sleep could help you lose weight

Have you ever wondered why a poor night’s sleep leaves you in need of a heavy breakfast? Feeling tired causes certain hormones to increase, which make you feel hungrier. Studies have also shown that well-rested dieters lose more fat compared to those who don’t sleep very well.


You will feel less stressed

The Mental Health Foundation recommends sleep as an aid for reducing stress.  When we feel stressed, our cortisol levels rise, but at night time they fall. You can encourage this by taking a bath or enjoying a warm drink to relax your body and mind before bed. Getting a great sleep allows the brain to recharge and recover from the day’s anxieties – leaving you with a fresher mindset the next day. Supposedly, we also experience a decrease in blood pressure and a general resetting of our body’s natural balance.


Your skin will glow

Fed up of dark circles and grey looking skin?  Sleep is the beauty regime you need for a glowing, healthy-looking complexion. Drink plenty of water, moisturise, and then hit the pillow; your eyes and skin will soon look much brighter.


Our conclusion?

For an all-round boost to your physical and mental health, head to bed! After all, a healthy mind contributes to a healthy body, and a healthy night’s sleep helps both.  By establishing positive sleep habits, you’ll soon notice the difference in your daily productivity (and not to mention your appearance and stress levels).

And of course, we pride ourselves on providing the best night’s sleep while you’re away from home.



Contributed by Jane Hudson.

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