Simple pleasures: Top 5 happy places for Brits revealed

Thursday 24 August 2017 by Jessica Mendoza You don’t have to go far in the UK to find your happy place. At least, that’s the conclusion reached by SACO after interviewing 1,500 people about the locations that make them feel content. Not only do us Brits enjoy a good staycation, but the activities we get up to are some of the simplest things in life - yet they are where we find our happy place. Read on to find out which simple pleasures come highly recommended.


1. A pub lunch in the Cotswolds

Picture the scene, a cosy pub in the Cotswolds, which perhaps you’ve had to walk to get to. A fire in the corner and a delicious lunch on its way. Your loved ones around you and a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Some 22.9 per cent of survey respondents said that this would be their happy place and it’s hard to disagree.



2. Eating ice cream on Brighton Beach

Food can be incredibly evocative and nothing says holiday like an ice cream on the beach. Brighton was chosen as the best spot for such an activity, although other coastal locations also made it into the top 30.

Eating ice cream on the beach in Brighton came in at second place, with 22 per cent of the vote.



3. Walking or hiking in the Lake District

Perhaps you crave fresh air in your lungs and beautiful sweeping vistas as you tackle the Lake District on foot? You would be in good company, as 20.1 per cent of people said this is where they’d like to be.

From the heights of Scafell Pike to the depths of Wastwater, it’s a picturesque part of the world and the perfect antidote to modern life.



4. Admiring the white sandy beaches of the Hebrides

To really get away from it all, you can’t beat Scotland and for 18.2 per cent of people, the more remote the location the better. You can have the white sandy beaches of the Hebrides all to yourself.

Borve Beach on the Isle of Harris is particularly beautiful, while West Beach on the Isle of Berneray could easily be mistaken for a spot in South East Asia or the Caribbean.



5. Walking in the Peak District

Another popular destination for countryside walks is the Peak District, known for sites like Dovedale and Kinder Scout, with their stark natural beauty.

Some 17.7 per cent of interviewees said this is where they find their happy place.

A spokesperson for SACO said: “Britain really does have it all – whether that’s food and drink, leisure, accommodation and entertainment, or the great outdoors and sprawling beaches.

“In terms of culture, history and picturesque scenery, many popular European resorts could not compete.”



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