Six day trips you can take from Manchester

Friday 08 June 2018 by Jessica Mendoza Sometimes all you need to do is get away, even if it’s just for a day. A “micro-adventure” we like to call it and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Here are six day trips that you can take from Manchester train station – in an hour or less.



Number one on the list is a quick and easy journey to Liverpool. From a central Manchester train station you will be in the heart of Liverpool in under 45 minutes – and it’ll usually set you back just  £10 for a return ticket. There is no excuse to not visit this Merseyside city, a rightful competitor to Manchester when it comes to friendly locals and vibrant city life. Spend your day strolling around the historical Albert Dock, where you can find the Beatles Story museum or the International Slavery Museum. Or simply go there to let your hair down - sing your heart out at the karaoke bars, go old school with coin-pushing arcade games at Brewdog, play a ‘sophisticated’ game of bingo or indulge yourself in some “propa scouse like” grub. With the city being so close and easy, there is no pressure to see all of Liverpool in one day. Just keeping visiting throughout the year to discover more and more.



Ah, the lovely Edale. Ideal for those who enjoy hikes, pretty valleys and open skies. All you need to do is take a 30 to 45 minute direct train from central Manchester with an average cost of £11 and you’re in paradise. If you’re looking for places to go near Manchester where you can truly escape city life and get back to nature, Hope Valley is your best bet. Go explore Kinder Scout, the tallest peak in the Peak District, or Mam Tor, the ‘Mother’ of lots of little landslide hills. If your plans are disrupted by bad weather, then escape underground where you’ll find Castleton, an array of eerie caves just waiting to be explored. You’ll return to Manchester feeling refreshed and revitalised.



York, filled with winding streets and quirky buildings that will keep you gazing all day. The train journey to Manchester to York is only an hour, so you will have plenty of time to explore the city. Make sure that you check out the really weird but wonderful York’s Lucky Cat Trail. Cats have played a part in York’s history and luck has been associated with them since records began. Statues of cats have been placed on buildings for around two centuries and we think this lovely trail is now the perfect way to get your city bearings. You can download the leaflet right here. If the weather is nice, grab a picnic to enjoy alongside the river or alternatively if it’s raining (which it might well be) visit the Minster, Art Gallery, National Railway Museum and JORVIK.



Only an hour away from bustling Manchester is the beautiful and peaceful Chester, full of winding streets, historic buildings and water to watch. Take time to explore the famous 3.5 mile city walls, expand your knowledge with a museum or two, or simply pop into some of the quirkiest shops known to man. If it’s a colder day, don’t be put off - there are plenty of things to do indoors too. The Cathedral, aquarium or even parts of the zoo can be enjoyed whatever the weather. And of course, there’s loads of cafes, bars and eateries to while away the time. Don’t miss out!



Leeds is well-known for being pretty laid back and that’s why it’s one of the best places to visit. In under an hour and for around £15, you can enjoy a city filled with arcades, art and museums, and gorgeous waterside. Enjoy a spot of shopping, or admire the architecture - there is something to do for everyone. Visit the Corn Exchange, a beautiful Victorian building filled with boutiques and cafes, and after your day of admiring, try and catch a music gig – the atmosphere is something not to be missed.



Last on the list is the wonderful Sheffield, another trip that’s less than an hour from Manchester. Get your micro-adventure started straight from the station - Sheffield is a very green city, you’ll wonder through built up areas and suddenly be surrounded by trees and park land. Make sure to catch a snooker game at the Crucible Theatre, visit the Cathedral or if you’re into art, stopover at the Millennium Gallery. However, the absolute must-do thing once in Sheffield is to spend just a few more pounds on a lovely bus journey to the Peak District. Home to breath-taking views, rolling hills and open moorlands, you will not be disappointed and will definitely want to return again.

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