Stylish looks for timeless graduation pictures

Monday 18 June 2018 by Jessica Mendoza You’re about to shake hands with the dean to receive that diploma you have slaved over for the past three to four (maybe more) years... it’s a big event in your life, and it usually marks the start of the rest of your life. So who wouldn’t want to finish their degree in style?


Play it safe with white  

White dresses are always a safe and classy option. You can’t go wrong. White is super easy to style and is bullet proof from clashing with the colour of your cap and gown. We do recommend you take your graduation pictures before your graduation lunch or dinner – you don’t want food stains down your sparkling white dress on your big day.


Go unique

The default for graduation is usually a dress, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear one. Maybe try smart shorts, trousers or a skirt. And don’t forget, you don’t have to wear statement heels to complete the outfit - wear your comfiest flats or boots and avoid any embarrassment of trying to get up on stage with stilettos. Plus, in shorts your legs will already look long enough, so don’t feel like you need to pop them even more.


Embrace flora  

Whether your graduation is in spring or autumn, florals are always a good idea. Either you’re completely in with the spring vibe or you’re brightening up an autumnal day – whatever the season, you’re bound to look amazing.


Make a statement

There’s no better time to wear bold colours when it’s a spring/summer graduation. A bright, colourful dress is a winner when it comes to graduation outfits. Even matching your bright outfit with another coloured pair of shoes. Looking at warm, bright colours makes you feel good (and that’s a fact!). If you feel good, you’ll look good, and that's all anyone ever wants during their graduation day.

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