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Thursday 30 April 2015 by Maya Singer Hobbs How are Millennials' attitudes to technology shifting expectations in the hospitality industry? Find out here.

We take a look at what our customers are most looking forward to in terms of digital developments when it comes to booking and staying away. 

  • Almost half (46%) of the Millennials that we spoke to said they were looking forward to better access to technology in their rooms. 
  • Generally speaking, 18-34 year olds are more excited by other technologies like keyless room access, digital concierges and booking online than their older counterparts. This makes sense, the older generations have grown up used to a human touch and it’s hardly surprising that it’s what their comfortable with. 
  • Millennials are more likely to have multiple devices and want to be able to connect all devices to the WiFi network. This means that not only does the WiFi provided have to be strong, the websites must be mobile friendly. A clunky, non-user-friendly website will push Millennials away, and they’ll be unlikely to return.
  • Millennials are considerably more likely to bring their own entertainment with them (eg Netflix, SkyGo, Amazon Prime), so the shift is from providing entertainment to ensuring guests can connect their own devices. It’s these sort of developments that will set businesses apart from others. 
  • Millennials will also be the fastest of any consumer group to vent their frustrations or negative feedback online. This makes responding to feedback vital.


The industry will continue to adapt to the needs of the customer, but one of the challenges will be recognising what’s a passing style as opposed to a significant change in trends. At SACO we’re rising to the challenge, we strive to consistently deliver the fundamentals in our serviced apartments – creating comfortable and welcoming environments for people whilst away from home – but going the next step and making sure the stay is more than that and that we’re meeting our customers on their terms.  

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