The Future of Staying Away

Thursday 22 January 2015 by Maya Singer Hobbs “If I didn’t check-in and there aren’t photos on Facebook, did it really happen?” The rise of the Millennial Traveller

Although tongue in cheek – there’s truth in the title. Loosely speaking, Millennials are those born between the early ‘80s and mid-noughties. They are the ‘tech’ generation, who grew up with computers, smart phones and social media a part of everyday life. These are all part of the Millennials’ norm, and are increasingly being reflected in their expectations of travel and customer service.   

Millennials are social media butterflies, a recent study found that three quarters will post on social media every day. The study also found that Millennials are more likely to respond to recommendations from their peers and social media than traditional advertising, and they’re more likely than the older generations to write reviews using sites like TripAdvisor. This can be of value to the service provider, if they deliver good service and can therefore take advantage of it.    

When on holiday, there are certain behaviours that will set the Millennials apart. They’re the ones on their laptop in the departure lounge and holding meetings in coffee shops with their phones close by. They’re also the ones who will soon surpass the baby boomers in terms of money spent on travelling. As a consequence, providing these travellers with what they want is paramount to gaining and retaining their business.   

Millennials look for a unique experience rather than “cookie-cutter” hotels. They want to live like a local, drink in the neighbouring coffee shops and buy their groceries from the place down the road. The Millennials are on a search for the unusual and view themselves as savvy travellers. SACO serviced apartments are always different and can be more cost effective for people travelling in groups, being able to entertain in your own apartment is also a definite plus.   

Says Vicci Hollies in Manchester, “SACO apartments are perfect for city breaks as they’re centrally located and well connected to local transport links. They’re found in the centre of the action, nestled between businesses, tourist attractions and restaurants. The Millennial traveller wants to live like a local, and that’s why we ask our SACO people for their “insider knowledge” of all the best places to put in our welcome packs.”   

Millennials expect technology in their apartments or hotel rooms. All SACO apartments have WiFi, iPod docks and a TV and our club apartments in Manchester have an enhanced Sky TV package. Millennials also expect luxury and are more likely to spend money on extras which is why our club apartments in Manchester come out tops with Nespresso coffee machines, adding a touch of the luxurious to the stay.  

Ultimately, it’s the quality of the apartment and the service that brings our customers back, and our 18 year history shows that SACO moves with the times, keeping ahead of the curve to make sure we’re always providing our customers with the best service possible. Welcome to the future of staying away. 

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