Travel hashtags you should be using to make your Instagram stand out

Monday 24 July 2017 by Jessica Mendoza From #wanderlust to #SACOLovesSummer, adding hashtags to your travel photos on Instagram will help the right audience to find them and grow your following exponentially.


You know the drill. You spend an age lining up the perfect shot of a famous landmark, deliberate over an outfit to take that exotic selfie and painstakingly photograph your serviced apartment from every angle, only to find you get just a handful of likes on Instagram. It’s frustrating and it means you need to up your hashtag game.


That’s right, those seemingly innocuous little tags that appear on the most liked and influential Instagram accounts are the secret to success. Without them you’ll find that your artistically framed shot of St Paul’s Cathedral goes unnoticed, the sun glinting off Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge fails to get the love it deserves and that unique angle on Edinburgh’s Scott Monument simply wasn’t worth the effort.


Fear not; it’s fairly easy to emulate your Instaheros and here’s what you need to know...


The Lowdown

According to a Simply Measured Instagram Study, posts with a minimum of one hashtag get 12.6 per cent more engagement than those without any. Just think about the implications of adding 30 hashtags to a post – the maximum Instagram allows. If you don’t like the look of a whole load of hashtags at the end of your description, simply add them in a comment below.

The purpose of hashtags is to allow other Instagram users to search for pics they’ll be interested in. If you add the right ones, your posts will come up regularly in search results and help the right audience find them.



Types of hashtags

So, what are the right hashtags? The first thing to understand is that there are several different types of hashtag:


Generic hashtags

Adding #travel or #wanderlust to a post is a good place to start, as this will help to bring in the right audience. One thing to remember, however, is that these are popular tags, so your posts may get a little lost among the results. Swap it up for #traveldiary, #Iamatraveller and #traveladdict to help your pics stand out.




Specific hashtags

To get more niche, look at the individual attributes of your post. Tag the destination and perhaps put love in front of it. So, as well as #London you can have #LoveLondon. Alternatively, opt for #servicedapartmentLondon or #SACOTheCannon for all your fab pictures of your stay in the capital.




Community hashtags

Gain the attention of a specific community by using well-established hashtags like #girlswhotravel, #solotravel or #eurotrip. Not only will like-minded people get to see your posts, but they may be inspired to follow in your footsteps if they’re planning a similar trip. This is the first step in your quest to become an influencer.



Branded hashtags

Many travel companies and organisations have hashtags to bring those using their services together. For example, add #SACOLovesSummer to your posts and you’ll get our attention. You may even find that your post is regrammed on our account. This will help to increase your reach, as Instagram users will see that sweet shot was taken by you and are likely to head over to look at your other pics.



Remember to mix it up

While there may be a number of hashtags you use regularly, be sure to mix it up a little for maximum impact. While it’s good to become known for posting about certain themes, adding new tags will help you to be seen by other users and grow your following further.


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