You know you're a Millennial when...

Monday 22 June 2015 by Maya Singer Hobbs It’s not just age that defines Millennials. Attitudes towards work, ownership, marriage, wellbeing, technology and indeed, almost everything can act as signifiers. But the question is, are you one?

Digital Natives

Your phone is a bit like your lifeline. We’ve all been there - the crushing realisation as you get to work that your phone is sat forlornly on your bed charging, or perhaps more frustratingly, has run out of battery and you’ve got no way to recharge.

Technology developed as Millennials grew up, it’s second nature to them and they use it without thinking. In fact they only really notice it when it doesn’t work or is unavailable. For example, if the WiFi is super speedy they barely notice it, if it’s slow and a real pain to hook up to they’ll pay attention.


Social & connected

Your friends, both virtual and otherwise, are not just good to spend time with, they’re a form of validation. Twitter followers, Facebook likes – online connectivity has become just as valid as face-to-face relationships.



Whether you’re a member of a gym, training for a 10k, cutting out smoking or trying out the most recent fad in diets, you’ll be thinking about your health. Millennials are often hyper-aware of their diets and exercise regimes, and the chances are, there’s “an app for that” which can monitor anything from steps to calories and more!


Brand loyalty

Do you stick with your favourite company through thick and thin…?

… We thought not (with the exception of Apple, which has done an astoundingly good job at cultivating brand loyalty). Millennials are much more interested in shopping around for a bargain or good deal than they are at playing it safe and sticking with one brand. And when it comes to shopping around, what is the deciding factor? Reviews. Whether it’s word of mouth recommendations from friends or a Tripadvisor rating, reviews make all the difference to a Millennial’s decision-making process.



You expect choice, from your grocery shopping to where you go on holiday, having options is important to you.


The list of Millennial characteristics goes on, but you probably know whether you’re a Millennial already. Do you think you are one? Let us know if you think we’ve missed anything essential from the list! 

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