10 UK Beauty Spots for your Spring Staycation

Thursday 25 February 2021 by Kayleigh Little With international travel currently not an option, there’s never been a better time to plan the perfect spring staycation on our own shores. From city breaks to coastal escapes and all of the rural options in-between, there’s plenty of outstanding natural beauty spots just waiting for you to discover them.


The events of 2020 meant that many people weren’t able to pack their bags, don their walking boots and go travelling – making this year all the more tempting for a spring staycation. The UK is known for its natural beauty, and Brits tend to ignore the options that are right on their doorstep, trading them for warmer climates and international experiences abroad.



UK Beauty Spots and the Best Cities for Sightseeing

If you’re wondering where to go on holiday in the UK, there are endless options right on your doorstep that require less planning and less travelling (depending on how far afield you’re going!) than a traditional holiday. Whilst some people just aren’t suited to holidays by the coast or more rural areas, others want to get away from the city – so we’ve included both in our list of top spring staycation options.



For those with a deep interest in history, York is one of the most fascinating places to visit, as well as being an area of outstanding natural beauty in the UK. Its medieval cobbled streets boast stories of ghosts, Vikings and Roman origins – all of which can be further studied, given the number of museums and guided tours available on your trip. A pit-stop in this ancient city also gives you the opportunity to grab a drink at one of the oldest pubs in the country or delve into the art of chocolatiers by using York’s free chocolate trail that you can follow around the city. It’s the perfect place for sightseeing, while also offering the stunning landscape of the historic streets that our age-old ancestors used to roam.



Brighton is a ‘best of both’ city, combining the best UK beauty spots and city sightseeing, while also being perfectly situated on the southern coast of the UK for a wonderful Easter staycation. Known as Britain’s original seaside destination, Brighton is filled with natural beauty along its coastline, effortlessly combined with eye-catching architecture, incredible eateries and a diverse evening scene which has made it a perfect destination for people of all ages. There is also the Brighton Pier, which is perfect for any families looking for a destination filled with fun for their getaway.



Ancient beauty paired with dramatic green hills and incredible views, Edinburgh is amongst the best cities for sightseeing in the country. Offering narrow cobbled streets filled with hidden alleyways that could take you to the most outstanding eateries, shops or cafes, you’ll be spoilt for things to do in the Scottish capital. Those looking to get out of the hustle and bustle could stray further afield from the centre of Edinburgh, whilst those looking for UK walking holidays can roam the surrounding green belt before returning for a hearty meal.


Eden Locke, George Street, Edinburgh

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Whether you want to stroll along the River Cam (or punt down it if you so wish), wander around the picturesque gardens or explore the incredible university colleges, Cambridge hosts areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical architecture. The ancient, cobbled streets of Cambridge are filled with museums, galleries and romantic restaurants and cafes, but tread further from the beaten path and you’ll stumble across leafy meadows that are sure to be blossoming in the midst of a spring staycation.


St. Albans

A beautiful and historic market town that gains its city status through its incredible Cathedral, St. Albans is often overlooked as a destination for a break due to the larger amount of London commuters who live there. But what has transpired is a charming country town with a surprising cosmopolitan feel. It is one of the best cities for sightseeing due to the cathedral, but also boasts cosy restaurants and real ale pubs that are sure to make a spring staycation well worth your while.



For those with a strong affection towards seafaring and maritime heritage, Portsmouth combines history with the natural beauty of the British coast. Another ‘best of both’ in this list, Portsmouth is filled with natural beauty and a number of sightseeing options such as the Spinnaker Tower (which provides a few jaw-dropping views itself). For those with a naval history, there’s a number of historic ships and submarines to take in, and the working dockyard are sure to be of interest too.


UK walking holidays



Another coastal area, Dorset’s coast and countryside hosts the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site which is a popular UK walking holiday. The incredible coastal walk features golden beaches, secluded bays to stop for a picnic and iconic geology like the Durdle Door. Dorset also hosts historical landmarks in Corfe Castle and Sherborne Abbey, but it’s natural feel makes it a true UK beauty spot for a spring staycation.



Perched on the wild and windy north east coast of Scotland, Aberdeen sits in the shadow of the Grampian mountains. Known as the Granite City, Aberdeen sparkles in the sunshine and is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the whole of the UK. This area of outstanding natural beauty is paired with high-end bars and restaurants and quality shopping options to provide the perfect base for your getaway. For foodies, the region is filled with flavour with some of the finest seafood caught just off the coast is available, while any meat lovers will surely not want to miss out on the exceptional Aberdeen Angus beef on offer!



Cornwall is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire UK. Whilst it offers shopping, fine dining and more in its many towns, the area situated on England’s rugged southwestern tip provides one of the best UK walking holiday experiences in the country. With landmarks like Land’s End and Saint Michael’s Mount, there are many incredible sightseeing opportunities, but Cornwall’s real beauty comes in the gorgeous greenery, perfect beaches and dunes and the friendly locals. Test yourself across The Great Flat Lode Trail or the Minions, Hurlers and Cheesewring Circular Walk, stopping off for locally brewed ale and cider and a bite to eat mid-journey.



If you’re wondering where to go on holiday in the UK and want a true sightseeing experience, look no further than Windsor. Dominated by the incredible Windsor Castle and Windsor Great Park, this historical British town offers nearly 5,000 acres of exceptional walking and beautiful rolling views of the English countryside. There’s natural and architectural beauty to be found in this town, and the streets of Windsor are packed with a range of authentic flavours to be tested, a number of souvenir shops and of course, the royal pageantry expected from this incredible place situated alongside the River Thames.


Find holiday apartments for your spring staycation

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