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Top local dishes you HAVE to try

Thursday 22 November 2018 by Kayleigh Little

The UK has an extensive array of regional cuisine, each being highly unique and traditional to the city they were created in. We've done the hard work for you and whittled down the top local dishes you have to try next time you're travelling.

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Seven reasons to hit the hay when home or away

Monday 09 July 2018 by Kayleigh Little

Do you struggle to sleep well away from home? Well, you’re not alone. Sleep is crucial – it’s the time when our body carries out essential maintenance - so put on your PJs and shut away your laptop. Here’s why a good night’s sleep does wonders for your health…

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The Dutch life

Sunday 01 April 2018 by Jessica Mendoza

The Wittenberg Team recently arranged and held a very successful event, which was created for travellers interested in learning more about setting up new businesses and living in Amsterdam.

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Embrace cosy winter traditions in Amsterdam

Friday 22 December 2017 by Jessica Mendoza

Get some 'gezellig' in your life this winter, with cosy and quaint traditions in Amsterdam that will entice you out of your serviced apartment.

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Do you Hogmanay? There’s no excuse not to in Edinburgh

Friday 22 December 2017 by Jessica Mendoza

Hogmanay is a specifically Scottish tradition and they certainly know how to celebrate in style in Edinburgh.

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