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There’s a new show in town… SACO Fitzrovia

Wednesday 08 March 2017 by Florence Evans

The news is out. Our newest location, SACO Fitzrovia is available to book – the perfect place to stay in the heart of The West End. We’re ready for you to stay in your very own chic London pad from the 10th of April 2017.

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Surprise yourself in Birmingham this Spring…

Wednesday 08 March 2017 by Florence Evans

Birmingham has so much to offer this spring, come rain or shine. So have a read of our pick of the best events the city has to offer over the coming months...

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Tuk Tuk Glasgow

Friday 24 February 2017 by Florence Evans

The nationally celebrated Indian street food restaurant Tuk Tuk has come to Glasgow - just a short walk from our apartments. Of course, we thought it worth getting the low down…

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Eden Locke launches on sale

Wednesday 22 February 2017 by Sarah Knight

Second Locke aparthotel to open in Edinburgh in June.

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SACO unveils major expansion programme

Wednesday 22 February 2017 by Sarah Knight

Six new properties to open by 2020. Number of operated units set to double. SACO operated properties outside the UK for the first time.

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