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Sightseeing in Barcelona

Thursday 16 April 2015 by Irina Catana

Barcelona is home to some spectacular sights from stunning Gaudi architecture to incredible green spaces.

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Sightseeing in New York

Thursday 16 April 2015 by Irina Catana

New York is home to a host of incredible sights from famous landmarks to stunning skyscrapers. Check out our recommendations of must-see sites here!

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Where to eat in West London

Tuesday 14 April 2015 by Hollie Swain

West London boasts a wealth of fine restaurants in a variety of prestigious locations, but it also knows that a good hearty British dish is enough to satisfy most.

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Catering for 'Generation Choice'

Thursday 09 April 2015 by Maya Singer Hobbs

“Millennials are notoriously spontaneous – the kings and queens of last minute bookings and changes of plan.”

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Barcelona shopping guide

Wednesday 04 March 2015 by Irina Catana

Discover the hidden shopping gems of Barcelona with our handy guide!

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