Eight things you didn't know about Jersey

Monday 26 February 2018 by Jessica Mendoza From delightful walks to heritage celebrations, magnificent beaches and heavenly local produce, Jersey really is the perfect island break. However, Jersey is still jam-packed with the weird and wonderful. Here's eight things we bet you didn't know...


1. Toad!

Jersey residents are called 'Crapauds' (that means “toads” in Jersey French) by other Channel Islanders. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that Jersey has toads and Guernsey doesn't.


2. Ever wondered where the word 'jersey' came from?

As knitting is one of Jersey’s main industries, the island is famous for its woollen trade. It was so popular that men were banned from knitting in Jersey during the peak fishing season of August to September. Due to the popularity of Jersey wool, knitted jumpers started to be called “jerseys”, after the island. The first recording of a jumper being called a jersey is in 1837.


3. A little bit of history...

Charles l was executed in 1649 and Charles lldeclared King after several years in exile on the island. In recognition of the island’s help, King Charles II gifted several parcels of land to the island’s Bailiff, George Carteret of Jersey, which he named ‘New Jersey.’


4. Holy cow!

The Jersey cow is the second most popular cattle breed in the world. The pure bred Jersey cow originated from the island and can now be found as far as India, South America, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The cows are famous for their rich and creamy milk, so don’t miss the chance to try some Jersey ice cream whilst on the island.


5. Queen Elizabeth, smiling? Really? 

Although prices are sterling and traders do accept UK money, the island has its own Jersey notes and coins, including a pound note. As well as a security watermark of a Jersey cow, you’ll also see Queen Elizabeth smiling on their banknotes.


6. Lets ride the waves

Jersey has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, and at low tide the island nearly doubles in size. Be careful when exploring – the fast tides are dangerous so never explore at low tide without a guide or expert.


7. Cute little island

The island of Jersey would fit 189 times into the area of New Jersey - or 95 times if the tide is out.


8. A 10ft tall cabbage... 

The Jersey Giant Cabbage grows up to 10ft tall

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