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Wednesday 08 January 2020 by Jodie Alker It’s a brand-new decade which means a brand-new start! It’s time to complete those goals you’ve always wanted to achieve, whether it’s to get fitter, learn a new skill or to be more eco-friendly. To help kick-off this new era there are many events around the country that you can get involved in to motivate you towards reaching your ambitions. We all find it hard to get back into being or eating healthy and being productive at work after having time off over the holidays, so we have made it super easy for you and compiled a list of events that are happening all over the UK that you can join to kickstart your 2020.



Canary Wharf Light Festival

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Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival

The first months of the year are an ideal time to plan activities to do with the family and find things to do that everyone will enjoy. Whether you would like to explore more of a city or spend more quality time with your family the Winter Light’s Festival is a great way to make the most out of a dark cold night. This festival allows you to walk around the stunning Canary Wharf and interact with some truly mesmerising art that has been designed by an array of talented artists who contributed to try and convey the beauty of light in their own creative way.


Volunteer Day

Why not do something meaningful and wholehearted whilst enjoying the outdoors by volunteering this New Year? January Sunday Volunteer Day in Bristol will kick off 2020 with you stepping out into a field for a healthy reason whilst doing something good for the environment and yourself. Everyone who joins will be helping to plant some wonderfully fresh fruit and veg that will be grown organically and locally.


Chinese dragon at Chinese New Year parade

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Chinese New Year

If your New Year’s resolution is to go to more interesting and quirky events then Chinese New Year is a wonderful way to satisfy this. Have the best of both worlds by ticking off a goal and welcoming in a New Year for the second time at the end of January. Otherwise known as the Spring Festival in China, this traditional event is also celebrated all over the UK. London is famed for having some of the largest festivities outside of Asia and always delivers with fantastic art, colour and classic Chinese themed shows and parades. The West End, Chinatown and Trafalgar Square will be showing some of the most exciting displays for you to fully immerse yourself in a new culture.



This event is perfect if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy going to networking events, they can be very daunting! They are, however, ideal ways to expand your business network and meet new people. Netwalking takes out the awkwardness of standing in a room with people you don’t know and gives you a new environment to allow you to think and focus whilst also getting some exercise into your day. There is a wide range of Netwalking events with it becoming a popular alternative, here are some examples to have a look at; Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Birmingham and there will be many more. 


Picture of a glass of a green juice drink

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If you’re looking for a more health-conscious and sustainable way to usher in 2020 then look no further than Veganuary. The campaign has been running for six years and encourages people to try a vegan diet for the whole of January. The amount of people who have signed up has doubled in size every year - so clearly they’re doing something right! Throughout the month there are many events and support from all angles for everyone who is taking on the challenge such as; Vevolution who are holding events to help motivate you to stay strong.  Eating out for Veganuary is now very easy as restaurants all over the UK are now either completely vegan, vegan and vegetarian or all offer a few vegan dishes to choose from and on top of that, a lot of the mainstream chains are even supporting Veganuary by offering free or discounted vegan dishes. If you think you can last longer than January then the VEGAN NIGHTS event can help you.



If one of your goals is to become fitter and healthier but you’re not sure how, or if you travel a lot so don’t think you have the time, Parkrun was created for you. They’re excellent whether you’re a regular runner or not and allow you to get outside in nature and be surrounded by like-minded people. There is a Parkrun in every major UK city which makes them very accessible and they are always on a Saturday morning, so if you’re working away from home or staying over in a different city it won’t be a hassle to get some exercise in. 


Once you get started then the hard part is over, doing something for the good of yourself or others is a lovely way to commence a new decade. We have an array of stunning apartments based all over the UK, so if you regularly travel for business or are just looking for new activities to kick off 2020, then we’ve got you covered.


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