Manchester’s Hidden Gems You’ll Want to Find

Friday 10 January 2020 by Jodie Alker Do you think you know everything there is to do and to see in one of the biggest cities in England? If you’re someone who loves to visit Manchester but you’re getting a little bored of going to the same places or you’re someone who likes to visit new places for their little quirks, then look no further. We have gathered a list of some of the best hidden gems that you should try out when next visiting Manchester.


No such thing at Kabana Café

52 Back Turner St, Manchester M4 1FP

This started for a wonderful reason, to allow strangers to have a lunchtime talking to people whilst enjoying a delicious curry. The idea is very simple, once a month the company, Quarantine, take over a few tables in the Kabana Café, create a menu of questions and topics to start a conversation and then chat about them – that’s all. It’s great for people looking to socialize, meet new people and try one of Manchester’s finest curries.


The Portico Library

Chair and bookshelf in Portico Library

Photo by @aviamerta

57 Mosley St, Manchester M2 3HY

A library above a bank which is now a bar, that is filled with books you never knew you wanted to read. Manchester doesn’t exactly have a lack of libraries however this is one to visit purely for its remarkable interior. To find the entrance to Portico Library then head around the side of The Bank pub on West Mosley Street and look for a hidden side entrance where you’ll stumble across a delightful little library along with an art gallery.


The Hidden Gem Church

St Mary’s Catholic Church, Mulberry Street, M2 6LN 

If you’re looking to find some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this church is the place. ‘Hidden Gem Church’ otherwise known as St. Marys Church, was built in 1794 was one of the first churches constructed after the Reformation. As you can imagine it’s a very impressive sight. You may have visited Manchester a fair few times, but this gem is often missed as it is in a slightly obscure place, located in the crossroads of a quiet backstreet.


Seoul Kimchi

The outside of Seoul Kimchi

Photo by @dillpickle85

275 Upper Brook St, Manchester M13 0HR

If you love amazing food and don’t mind a bit of squeeze then make sure to take a trip to Seoul Kimchi for some deliciously authentic Korean dishes. The only downside is that it’s not in the nicest of places as it is surrounded by the MRI Hospital, a blood bank and some rather unattractive student halls. If this doesn’t deter you then this is an experience you must try if you get the chance, it is also said that when you do visit to try their Bibimbap, Bulgogi and especially their green-tea ice cream.


Boardman's Entry

An interesting through street that makes a link between King Street and South King Street that you most definitely would have walked past, if you have explored Manchester before. Broadman’s Entry is a walkway covered by delightful metal umbrellas and curious pieces of science equipment which for those in the know will tell you, is a tribute to John Dalton who is a famous Mancunian known for discovering atomic theory. This street is a wonderful sight to see and great for a quirky photo opportunity.


Twenty Twenty Two

A beer with a paddle on a ping pong table

Photo by @tttmcr

20 Dale St, Manchester M1 1EZ

A ping pong haven for all you lovers of this playful sport out there! Twenty Twenty Two is quite possibly the perfect place to spend your evening; it encapsulates everything there is to love about Manchester and shows how unique it really is. Once you find this escape you will be welcomed into an underground bar filled with rows of ping pong tables, music and drinks surrounded by white tiled walls, industrial pillars and amazing wall art. They have an event for almost every day of the week so make sure you keep up to date with what’s going on so you can find the ideal night for you.


Ancoats Canal

In a densely built-up city, you wouldn’t expect to find a tranquil area of canal however this city always delivers. Behind a dull block of residential flats on Chapeltown Street is a stunning water-side walk, perfect for a spring picnic or a quiet read. You can also spot this peaceful canal from Great Ancoats Road and Ducie Street and in the Springtime, you’ll even be able to see the occasional fisherman and happy ducklings.


Space Invaders

A wall on a cobbled street with a hidden space invader mosaic

Photo by @richard_gottfried

For those of you who love treasure hunts, your next challenge is to try and find all 47 space invaders dotted around Manchester. This started in the 1990s with an anonymous French artist who had a self-designated project of putting mosaic-style space invaders on the sides of buildings. You may have noticed one or two before but now you know how they came to be there, will you hunt for the rest? There is now a massive total of 3,581 space invaders spread over 74 cities so if you’re looking to spread your search further then you won’t be short of places to look.


Godlee Observatory

Somewhere to scan the beautiful night skies hidden around the corner from Vimto Park on Fairfield Street. To know if you’re in the right place, just look up and you’ll be able to spot part of an impressive green building with a round roof. It is the home to Manchester’s Astronomical Society and the public are more than welcome to go in and explore the skies, however, you have to make an appointment first, so if this is something that you are very interested in make sure to get booked in beforehand.


Now you know some of Manchester best secrets, it’s now your choice whether you spread the word or keep them to yourself. Whichever you choose you’ll be sure to have a fun-filled trip the next time you visit. In one of the biggest cities in England, there is so much to explore and so many gems to uncover which is why it’s always popular to visit all year round for business and for leisure.


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