Pancake recipes with a twist

Monday 20 February 2017 by Florence Evans Traditionally, pancake day aimed to use up the leftover ingredients before the strictly-no indulgences month of Lent - and how things have changed! Here are our favorite pancake recipes to make this Shrove Tuesday.

Classic British pancakes with lemon and sugar

When it comes to Pancake Day, it has to be lemon and sugar if you want to really nail the tradition. Serve them in a stack and remember to keep them warm in the oven before plating up, then soak in fresh lemon juice and sugar – delicious.

For something really special… make a lemon crepe cake by layering them up and spreading lemon curd in between each layer. Pull clingfilm over the cake and chill overnight, or until the cake is firm, then top with candied lemon peel and lemon juice to top it off. The perfect Afternoon Tea treat!

The recipe can be found on BBC Food here.

Fluffy American pancakes

A real treat for the weekend, these fat pancakes will surely satisfy your breakfast craving. Serve with sticky bananas and crème fraiche - or even better, crispy bacon and maple syrup for that American diner-style treat.

Jamie Oliver's recipe can be found here.

Ricotta hotcakes

Imagine the light flavour of cheesecake with the comforting goodness that a pancake offers – serve with blueberries or strawberries for a delicious breakfast - syrup optional!

Nigella Lawson's recipe for these sweet and light pancakes can be found here.

Jamie Oliver’s protein pancakes

Packed with fibre and low in refined sugars – these healthy pancakes are a perfect alternative if you’re feeling diet-concious.


Cook these after your workout, the recipe can be found on Jamie Oliver's website here.

Savoury cheese and ham crepes

If you’re craving more savoury than sweet, these are sure to hit the spot. The beauty of these is their similarity to pizza – the cheesy topping with a batter base makes them irresistible. To fully embrace Pancake Day, have these as your ‘main course’ if you like, followed by something sweet.

Find out how to make these at home on BBC food's website.

Pancakes with blueberry sauce

This blueberry sauce is a delicious accompaniment to any pancake, and so easy to make! Impress your friends with this mouth-wateringly fruity topping to go with your weekend breakfast.

Find out how to make it here.


Our top tips for perfect pancakes:

-          Use a clean sauce bottle and fill it with the pancake mix – perfectly spherical pancakes every time!

-          Always keep the pan extremely hot before you pour the batter in, then flip once bubbles rise to the surface.

-          The first pancake is your ‘trial run’ – never expect this to go well. Treat your first couple of pancakes as a test batch.

-          Don’t use old ingredients – keep your flour fresh and baking soda less than six months old. When these have passed their heyday they can really impact the quality of your pancakes.


So get flipping - happy pancake day!

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