SACO launches online guide to help guests explore The City of London

Wednesday 15 February 2017 by Florence Evans The Cannon Loves is the new interactive app for The City of London, produced by SACO serviced apartments.

The team at SACO have put together an interactive web app to help its guests discover The City of London. As well as acting as a useful tool for visitors, The Cannon Loves also offers exclusive discounts with a number of eateries across the Square Mile, adding extra value to those staying at SACO The Cannon.

As business travellers make up a key demographic of SACO’s guests, the app takes their needs into consideration. This is seen through the fact that one of the categories of recommendations is public workspaces, where tasks can be completed between meetings.

SACO is keen on offering all its guests a well-rounded stay and also highlights great places to exercise, eat with clients or friends, do some shopping and make the most of this historic part of the capital. The format of the The Cannon Loves allows users to toggle between the categories that are most relevant to them.

Alternatively, they can use the set itineraries, which have been split into one day, three days, one week and two weeks to plan their stay in detail. Having each location plotted on the map also ensures the user can find them easily, meaning The Cannon Loves is the perfect tool to have in your pocket.

For this reason, it is fully optimised for mobile, although it can also be used on a desktop for pre-trip planning. So, for those interested in scoping out the best workout spaces in advance or guests suddenly finding a gap in their hectic schedule, the information will be at their fingertips.

Carefully curated to introduce visitors to establishments that it could take months to find unaided, The Cannon Loves is the equivalent of an insider’s guide. The City of London is a busy and exciting place, meaning there is so much potential, but unlocking it can be tricky for first-timers.

SACO is confident that the new app will prove popular and be used by a large number of its guests. In order to ensure it remains relevant, The Cannon Loves will be updated on a regular basis, with new recommendations added and additional offers from businesses in the vicinity.


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