The best of London's Markets to visit on a Sunday

Wednesday 24 August 2016 by Florence Evans London is buzzing with markets in its many districts, whether it’s Islington Farmer’s market or Camden for something edgier, there are so many thrift shopper’s havens to be found in The City.

Markets are the ideal place for those that enjoy retail therapy in all its different forms, they offer any kind of trinket you can think of. There is second-hand vintage clothing, artwork, antiques and books to satisfy your artistic side, fresh produce for the gastronomes, and street food from all sorts of cuisines if you’re feeling hungry. Markets provide a sense of community through showcasing local creativity, all while supporting independent businesses. The rich and lively atmosphere is the perfect recipe for a day out, and even simply cruising by the various items of bric-a-brac and local fruit and vegetables can be a great way to explore London.



Historically, London markets fed the first settlers to the area, they were a hub for haggling produce that would provide for local families. The hustle and bustle of markets paints a colourful picture of olden-day London, and these early shopping centres created a social heart for inner city communities. As London grew, markets became the main retail districts and gave areas like Spitalfields, Covent Garden and Camden the market reputations they have today.


Recent trends for vintage pre-loved clothing brought markets back into the forefront of the London shopping scene. These treasure troves of musty-smelling garments offer a unique alternative to dominant high street fashion brands that simply provide cheap and manufactured clothing worn by just about anyone. Whether you love the classically sweet 50’s and 60’s styles so popular of vintage clothing or appreciate a simple second-hand Zara buy, markets are the place to exercise your thriftiness and seek out those hidden gems.



Take a look at this specially designed infographic by Carl Westwood, your perfect guide to the Sunday Markets you need to visit in London.


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