The UK's Most Incredible Underground Bars

Friday 31 January 2020 by Jodie Alker We can all agree that one of the best things about going to bars is discovering what’s inside them. They’re the perfect places to celebrate, reminisce or to catch up with loved ones over a drink, or two. We’ve delved below the surface to find some incredibly designed bars that you can revel in whilst enjoying some delicious beverages. And for those who are feeling especially curious and adventurous, we’ve also found a number of stunning underground venues which offer a unique ambience beyond pale ales and wooden bar stalls. We’ve done all the leg work for you, so read on to discover all the best underground bars you can find in the UK.


Hyde & Co

The Basement, 2 Upper Byron Place, Bristol 

Inside of Hyde and Co in Bristol

Photo by @hydeandcobristol

Hidden in plain sight this 1916’s cocktail bar is a great place to spend your evening in Bristol if you’re looking for something a bit different. Hyde & Co’s speciality is creating a wide range of delicious and old-fashioned cocktails which include Jinzu Gin, Cocchi Rosa and Maraschino. When you enter Hyde & Co you’ll find dark walls with dotted white tiled floors with an old piano sat in the corner of the room – it’s certainly not your typical bar! The walls will remind you of old newspapers and you can take in the interiors from all the little cubby holes in the main seating area.


Blame Gloria 

20 Bedford St, Covent Garden, London

Inside the Blame Gloria bar

Photo by @venuescanner

Based on a girl about town, take a dive into this spectacular underground bar that has been designed by the award-winning team that have also bought us quirky venues Tonight Josephine, The Escapologist and Bar Elba. Blame Gloria is freeing, fun and fierce - and not to mention, throws some the best parties in Soho. With their delicious cocktails and desirable décor, you’ll be wondering who Gloria is and how she has so much style. All we know is that Gloria dated Jimmy Hendrix, she bought Elton John’s old piano, taught David Bowie how to do his make-up and when she ran out of money, moved into the basement and has carried on throwing the craziest parties ever since.


Cane & Grain

49, 51 Thomas St, Manchester

Inside of Cane and Grain in Manchester

Photo by @caneandgrain

If you want to experience Manchester’s nightlife at its best, we suggest taking a trip to Cane & Grain. Everyone can dance the night away at a gig in Manchester Arena but there is so much more this city has to offer, and some can even offer it all under one roof. Cane & Grain have three themed floors where you will find either rum, ribs, bourbon or beer. The interior gives a nod towards the 80s skate scene combined with New York City vibes making it the perfect place to keep your whole party entertained until the sun comes up.



The Octagon (No, 25 Milsom Place, Bath BA1 1BZ

Inside of Beneath in Bath

Photo by @beneathuk

Located under the ever-popular and stylish Botanist, you’ll find something quite the opposite. Created from the idea of an apothecary, Beneath offers a subtle nod against the law operation of underground labs studying forbidden plants and creating powerful antidotes causing more pain than relief. Don’t let that scare you off, as the inside of the bar is minimalistic and simple, but ever so incredible. With a bare white stone tunnel and old wooden furniture, it’s nothing less than an experience. Next time you’re visiting Bath head to Beneath to taste some rare and curious elixirs.


The Alchemist, Downstairs Lab

THE GRAND, Colmore Row, Birmingham

Cocktail concoction in The Alchemist

Photo by @fabfoodfinds

You may have already guessed from the name, but The Alchemist is filled with many extraordinary science experiments which luckily for customers, create some fantastically Instagrammable cocktails. This brand-new bar in Birmingham is being explained as ‘unconventional, dark and controversial’ if this doesn’t sway you, the photos of the inside will make you want to explore for yourself. This copper encased wonderland has made full usage of The Grand by accentuating the exposed brickwork and by covering the 18-foot-tall ceilings in a beautiful canopy of lights. The owners have decided that The Alchemist should be something customers unintentionally stumble upon rather than head for, which is why you will only find little advertisement of this gothic bar.


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