Top five places in the UK for ice-cream selfies

Tuesday 31 July 2018 by Kayleigh Little The British weather can’t seem to make up its mind lately – but don’t be put off! Grab your camera and prepare for those ice cream selfies, as here are five of the best places you can go to enjoy ice cream; rain or shine!

July is known for bringing many things– lighter evenings, Wimbledon, warm weather (apparently), and of course, National Ice Cream month! You didn’t forget, did you? To celebrate, we have created a list of our favourite parlours so that you can indulge in this traditional sweet treat wherever you are across the UK. 

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Cornwall – Mr B’s

Rightfully taking the top spot for the best place for ice cream selfies in the UK is obviously Cornwall, less obviously Mr B’s. Situated in the picturesque Cornish town of Hayle, Mr B’s creates deliciously exotic ice cream creations seven days a week for maximum freshness. Weird and wonderful flavours are their speciality – from jaffa cake to key lime pie, you will certainly find something at Mr B’s worthy of an Instagram post! You can find the full list of their flavours on their website here, be sure to keep checking as new and exciting variations are added regularly. Oh, and don’t forget to try their mouth-watering ice cream cake whilst you’re here too!


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Covent Garden – Scoop Gelato

This one is too good to not share on your Instagram feed. At Scoop Gelato you’ll find the most exotic ingredients, including the finest cinnamon from Sri Lanka, chocolate all the way from Venezuela and vanilla from Madagascar. Hidden in the side streets of London, generous portions are aplenty here and the surprisingly affordable prices generates a huge attraction from both tourists and locals. Events are regularly held here for ice cream lovers from all across the country, previous favourites include Tutti Frutti which displayed over 20 varieties of sorbet and Happy Hour, which showcased delicious alcoholic sorbets.


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York – Luxury Ice Cream Company (LICC) 

You’ll always be spoilt for choice at LICC, with over 150 different Willy Wonka-style ice cream flavours it attracts a mass number of visitors to York’s city centre every year. Make sure you have your camera handy as you’ll be so undecided on which flavour to choose that you’ll completely forget to snap a picture and have to go back for more! The parlour has its very own team of ‘flavourologists’ who spend a lot of time deciding on new flavours by blending together weird and wonderful ingredients. Some of LICC’s latest flavours include Tiger’s Tail – a blend of liquorice and orange, as well as Bakewell tart and peanut butter jelly. The owners of the establishment refer to their sensational desserts as ‘Yorkshire gelato’ due to all of the ingredients being sourced locally – now that’s surely selfie-worthy.


Photo credit: @science_cream

Cardiff - Science Cream

This unique and innovative parlour, recently opened in 2014, is located in Cardiff’s Castle Arcade and proudly boasts itself as being the first and only liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour in Wales. Each serving of ice cream mixture is blasted with -321 degrees Celsius of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze it in front of customer’s eyes. This results in a theatre performance of dry ice clouds dancing around the finishing product of smooth, velvety goodness. Flavours range greatly, from classic favourites like strawberry and vanilla to wacky experiments such as bacon and egg, custard, maple syrup and candied prosecco – so there’s certainly something for everyone!


Photo credit: @ldnint

Covent Garden - Milk Train

Okay so Covent Garden may have made the list twice but it’s almost impossible to choose between the two. Milk Train truly is every lifestyle bloggers dream for a picture opportunity as not only are the ice creams highly photogenic but the décor of the café will also have you falling at your feet. Here you’ll find some of the most extravagant ice cream cones you’ll ever see – opt to dress your cone with candy floss, popcorn, Oreos or any other crazy add on you can think of. Snap a picture then sit back and enjoy your sweet treat.



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