Where to get the best pancakes in Edinburgh this Shrove Tuesday

Friday 09 February 2018 by Jessica Mendoza From decadently sweet to superfood savoury, vegan and gluten free, there’s a pancake for everyone in Edinburgh this Shrove Tuesday.


Shrove Tuesday may have started out as a way to use up ingredients before Lent, but it’s a great excuse to eat pancakes, even if you’re not planning 40 days of abstinence afterwards. This year it falls on February 13th and if you’ve got a serviced apartment stay in Edinburgh booked for then, you’ll be spoilt for choice as to where to enjoy your pancakes.


The Treehouse – Leven Street

Famed for its fluffy pancakes and a wide variety of toppings, The Treehouse is a must-visit on Shrove Tuesday. Located in the Tollcross area of the city, it can get busy, but that’s just testament to its delicious offerings, making it well worth the wait. Try the classic bacon, eggs and maple syrup pancakes or go off-piste with a decadent peanut butter, ice cream and caramel sauce variation. But before making your mind up, be sure to check out the Shrove Tuesday specials that extend the pancake menu even further at this time of the year.

Stop by: If you like your pancakes fluffy and your toppings piled high.



The City Café – Blair Street

The Americans take their pancakes seriously, making a US-style diner in the heart of Edinburgh the perfect place to spend Shrove Tuesday. The City Café has obviously hit on a winning formula, as it has been going strong since the 1980s. Order a three-stack of vanilla-infused pancakes with maple syrup from the menu and add Nutella or fruit, or go all out and stack them high with five perfect pancakes.

Best for: Late night pancakes, as it serves food until 10pm. Perfect if you’ve left your Shrove Tuesday celebrations to the last minute.




Tupiniquim – Lauriston Walk

What to do with an old police box near the popular park known as The Meadows? Paint it green and stuff it full of exciting ingredients to turn out the most delicious and best value for money crepes you’ll find in the whole of Edinburgh of course! What’s even better is that the top secret Brazilian crepe recipe used is gluten free, making it even more tempting for those who often have to shy away from such treats.

Go savoury with shredded beef or the wonderfully oozy Marguerita Ta Ta, which contains goat’s cheese or mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, spinach and basil. Sweet creations have names such as Monkey Delight, Monkey in the Night and Bring Back the Bees, and include everything from chocolate and bananas to pecans and cinnamon.

Perfect for: Gluten-free pancake lovers.



The Haven – Anchorfield

Keep it simple with two large pancakes and maple syrup at this shabby chic establishment in Leith. Add bacon if you’re keen for a more substantial breakfast or take on The Haven’s annual Shrove Tuesday challenge. This involves eating six of the café’s pancakes in as little time as possible, taking on other diners to see who can scoff the lot the quickest.

Pop in: If you like a challenge.



Loudons Café – Fountainbridge

Loudons Café is the sort of place that fits perfectly with a relaxing city break. You can sit and enjoy the bright interior while reading the paper and perusing the menu as to which pancake dish to order. If it’s your philosophy that you’re on holiday and therefore should be indulging yourself, opt for the sumptuous American-style pancakes. The homemade stack is layered with bacon and baked banana, before being topped with maple syrup and finished with a dusting of icing sugar and cocoa powder.

Alternatively, you could go vegan and gluten-free by choosing the blackcurrant pancakes. Not only are there berries lurking in the batter, but an apricot, cranberry and toasted sesame seed compote piled on top adds to the fresh flavours. To feel even more virtuous this Shrove Tuesday, make it the superfood pancakes, which are made with garlic, ginger and chilli. The layers of haricot bean hummus, tomato and dill make it particularly filling, while the black bean salsa, herb oil and fresh herbs on top really help to pack a flavour punch.

Good to know: These pancakes are available to take away.


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