Introducing Cove

A space like no other



The future of SACO

Over the coming months and years, many SACO apartments will be evolving to become Cove apartments - taking their large rooms and spacious bathrooms, but introducing a new aesthetic that is both beautiful and functional.

Keeping our extended stay market in mind, Cove shakes things up with a new focus on leisure travellers and families looking for self-contained, spacious, and flexible accommodation. As standard, each of these versatile apartments will feature privately-secured Wi-Fi, fully fitted kitchens, living rooms; as well as signature sofas and bespoke kitchen tables suitable for dining, working or hosting.

Discover Cove

Carefully designed, uncluttered serviced apartments that allow you to make the most of every moment, and every mode. Go from day to night, online to offline, me to we. Seamlessly.

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Over the next few months, Cove will be expanding, and more SACO locations will be part of the journey.

New openings coming soon to Nottingham and Cardiff – stay tuned.

What is Cove all about?

  • Adaptable Living

    Taking you from grind-time to rest time, Cove apartments are made for all modes of living. With signature sofas that unfold effortlessly to make space for kids, and large kitchen tables for living and working – making life work.

  • Truly Centred

    Cove takes its community responsibility seriously, valuing and supporting local businesses and connecting with neighbours in any way possible.

  • High Tech, but Human

    There will be friendly people to greet you, as well as a virtual team on-tap to help. Together, providing the reassurance you need to truly relax into your stay.



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