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Things to do in Jersey

Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands, and whilst it’s very much part of the British Isles, it’s a breathtaking and captivating world apart.


Currency GBP (Great British Pounds)
LanguagesEnglish, French

The quaint island is only nine miles long by five miles wide, but packed with stunning scenery, beautiful coastline, amazing food and not-to-be-missed shopping and culture. Jersey also has a unique and fascinating history, from medieval French rule through to WW2 occupation and the establishment of the island as a significant offshore centre for international finance.

Our guests often find that their first trip to Jersey is never their last and we’re confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy your time on this unique and charming little island.

Food and drink

Jersey’s food is quite simply in a league of its own – for such a small island, it produces a dazzling array of local ingredients that come together in a delightful fusion of English, French and distinctively Jersey cuisine. You’ll also stumble upon some of the best seafood you’ll find anywhere in Europe.

Jersey’s capital, St Helier, is packed with award-winning restaurants, welcoming inns, stylish cocktail bars and Michelin-starred eateries. Many of the seafood restaurants dotted around St Helier have fantastic fresh fish bars where you can buy mussels, crabs, oysters or the catch of the day to enjoy back at home in the peace and quiet of your serviced apartment.

The French influence means Jersey has a stylish café culture too, with plenty of continental-style cafés where you can stop for lunch or a coffee before heading off for shopping, sightseeing or wherever you need to be.


Experience lovely small town charm while you’re shopping in Jersey – the perfect atmosphere for a quiet afternoon of browsing and window shopping. Whilst there are no big shopping centres on the island, you’ll find pedestrianised streets lined with familiar high street brands, artisan shops, gorgeous boutiques and historic markets.

The banking industry means there’s plenty of money in Jersey, which is reflected in the fancy designer labels and gourmet delis. That said, there’s plenty for the visitor on a budget to enjoy – if you head down the quieter side streets, you’ll find lots of quirky knick-knacks, jewellery, crafts and souvenirs, and Central Market is the place to go for fresh flowers, fruit and veg.


Jersey has a rich and fascinating heritage that stretches back over a thousand years; the mix of British and French culture is in evidence everywhere, from charming Norman-style farmhouses to the many galleries and museums that tell the story of this island’s intriguing role in British history.

If military history is your thing, you can explore Elizabeth Castle, which has been at the front line of Jersey’s defence from enemies for over 300 years, or Grève de Lecq Barracks, which housed troops during the Napoleonic wars.

For a more recent glimpse into Jersey’s history, you definitely won’t want to miss Jersey’s Military Museum and war tunnels, which tell the remarkable story of Jersey’s occupation during the Second World War.

Getting around

Jersey is a small island, which makes it joyfully easy to get around. There is a good bus service from St Helier with routes covering the whole island, and all buses have wheelchair access. The roads are good and reasonably quiet outside St Helier, so hiring a car is also a good option if you want to explore the gorgeous countryside and coastline in your own time.

Meanwhile, if you’re up for a bit of pedal power, Jersey is a delightfully cycle-friendly island, with lots of traffic-free routes and cycleways. Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the islands charm and experience Jersey at its best.

Currency in Jersey

You can use UK sterling currency in Jersey, but don’t be surprised if you get Jersey banknotes and Jersey pound coins as change. You may have trouble spending these if you take them back with you to the UK (although technically it is still legal tender), but you can swap any leftover cash you have for sterling in any UK or Jersey bank. Jersey’s location just off the coast of Normandy means lots of places accept Euros too.