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Facts about London

London is one of the world’s most visited cities – a vibrant, buzzing capital packed with history, art and leafy parks and gardens, as well as a cultural diversity and international flavour that is unique to this big city.


Currency GBP (Great British Pounds)

The City’s crackling energy and boundless creativity gets under your skin, from the magnificent museums and cultural landmarks, to the eclectic markets and ancient London pubs on every corner.

Whether you enjoy a stroll along the bustling South Bank area towards the West End theatres, fall in love with the lively East End or spend some time in the peace and quiet of the stunning parks, you’ll be captivated by everything London has to offer at every turn. No matter if you're looking for a weekend break in London or in town on business for a few months, we have an extensive range of beautiful serviced apartments across the city and no matter how many times you visit, you’ll never feel as though you’ve seen it all.


London may be steeped in British tradition, but it’s also the most international city in the world, with 300 languages and cultures coming together to create the sights and sounds of this extraordinary metropolis. What could possibly be more wonderful?

Going out in London

There was a time when nobody had anything good to say about British cuisine - but those days are long past and the London food scene is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best greatest – for both dining and drinking. There’s no denying London city breaks are the best if you’re looking to release your inner foodie.  

The city has its fair share of Michelin-starred restaurants, celebrity chefs and fancy bars and eateries - but the true joy of London dining is in the round-the-world tour of global foods and modern British cuisine, from the Brick Lane curry houses to the indie cafes and gastropubs of Chiswick, Stoke Newington, Clapham and Highbury.

You could spend days doing nothing but shopping in London, whether it’s browsing the hallowed halls of Harrods, or rummaging around the stalls of the famous Portobello Road market. The West End is where most shoppers begin their retail therapy, in the flagship outlets and department stores of Oxford Street, the designer stores of Bond Street, the bookshops of Charing Cross Road, or the cool stores and boutiques of Covent Garden.

A little further afield, Shoreditch and Spitalfields market have plenty of unique fashion outlets selling exquisite antiques, fine goods, artisan furniture and quirky fashion. Don’t miss Borough Market for fantastic organic foods and produce that you can prepare from the comfort of your very own serviced apartment.

Transport in London

The historic delights of Central London are best explored on foot, but it’s a big city so you’ll need some comfortable shoes! If you wish to adventure further afield, the London Underground (The Tube), light railway and overground train network a comprehensive network of stations and good value, particularly if you get a pre-paid Oyster card which can also be used on the famous London red buses.

By river is a great way to travel and the Thames Clipper or a water taxi will deliver you to your destination in elegance, style and in no time at all, whilst allowing you to take in London’s iconic skyline from a new perspective along the way. London’s famous black cabs are everywhere, and cycling is increasingly popular, with cycle hire stations or “Boris bikes” available across the city – although we recommend only experienced cyclists with the right safety equipment explore the busy roads on two wheels.

Tips for visiting London

Like the rest of the UK, London cars drive on the left and the local currency is GBP£ rather than the Euro, so if London is a stop on your European tour you’ll need to get some British pounds. Always take a black cab, pre-booked taxi or Uber home after a night out, and avoid the touts outside bars and clubs offering a ride home in unlicensed vehicles. If you're looking for more ideas, inspiration, hotels and serviced apartments for your trip to London, take a look at our PinDrop: The City blog for everything to do with making the most of your stay in a serviced apartment in London.


Local businesses

London is one of the biggest financial centres in the world, and the most important location in Europe for international finance. The iconic landscape of Canary Wharf is home to the headquarters of HSBC, Citigroup, Credit Suisse and KPMG, along with over 500 global banks based here and in the City.

Over half of the top 100 listed companies in the UK are based in London, and 75% of the biggest global companies have offices in the city.