Back in 1997, SACO pioneered a new way to stay. But travellers’ needs are always changing – and it’s our mission to meet (and surpass) them. We pride ourselves on listening and responding: what’s important to our guests is important to us.  So now we’re challenging convention again by reshaping hospitality to be more sustainable, as well as flexible.


We recognise our industry can have a detrimental impact on people and planet, but we’re doing our best to change that. Together, we hope we can make it possible to live more sustainably, wherever you are.


We’re building a better understanding of our impact on the environment. Using data as a starting point, we’ll set targets and track our progress in reducing our resource-consumption and carbon emissions.


We recognise that our activities can and should have a positive impact on everyone we interact with. We’re committed to working with our stakeholders to ensure our business continually prioritises the wellbeing of people.


We also recognise our credibility relies on high standards of governance and transparency, which is why we’re taking a structured approach to sustainability, so we can objectively and comprehensively monitor and communicate our progress.


To find out how we’re making a positive change, check out edyn’s 2022 Impact Report.